Are masks required at the Orpheum Omaha?

Are masks required at the Orpheum Omaha?

Masks are recommended in the Orpheum Theater. Opera Omaha adheres to the Orpheum Theater’s protocols and safety measures, which can be found here. To navigate, press the arrow keys.

Is Omaha Performing Arts Non Profit?

Omaha Performing Arts forms as a nonprofit organization. Omaha Performing Arts assumes management of the Orpheum Theater and makes a multimillion dollar investment to renovate the Orpheum.

How long is wicked Orpheum Omaha?

2hrs, 45mins
Duration. 2hrs, 45mins with 1 intermission.

How long is Hamilton at Orpheum?

When is ‘Hamilton’ at the Orpheum? The show will run for 16 performances on 11 days over two weeks, from Dec. 22 to Jan.

Is there a dress code at the Orpheum Theater Omaha?

There is no dress code for performances at either the Holland Center or the Orpheum Theater. Please dress comfortably and enjoy yourself! To ensure everyone enjoys the show, our polices include: All electronic devices must be turned off or switched into silent mode during the performance.

Does the Orpheum have a dress code?

DRESS CODE All guests must wear tops, bottoms, and shoes. No see-through fabrics. Clothing MUST cover breasts, genitals, and buttocks, and must be opaque.

How much are tickets to Wicked in Omaha Nebraska?

Currently, tickets for Wicked in Omaha start from $77 (face value).

When was wicked last in Omaha?

Wicked was last in Omaha, Nebraska playing the Orpheum Theatre from May 7 to 25, 2014 and May 6 – 31, 2009.

Which Hamilton cast will be in Omaha?

The Broadway show is supposed to stay in on Oct 26 – Nov 14 (2021) at Orpheum Theater – Omaha….Cast.

Alexander Hamilton Joseph Morales
Angelica Schuyler Ta’Rea Campbell
Hercules Mulligan/James Madison Desmond Sean Ellington

Does Orpheum Omaha serve alcohol?

What kind of alcohol is served at the Orpheum Theatre? Beer and liquor are available for purchase by patrons 21 years of age and older. Guests are required to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages.

How many people does the Omaha Orpheum seat?

2,600Orpheum Theater / Capacity

Where is wicked showing in Omaha?

Orpheum Theatre in Omaha | Omaha, NE Tickets are obtainable now for Wicked! Only at the spectacular Orpheum Theater – Omaha in the city of Omaha on the Friday 29th April 2022.

How many times has wicked been Omaha?

“WICKED,” Broadway’s biggest blockbuster, had record-breaking engagements in Omaha in 2009 and 2011. It has returned for a third time and is playing at Omaha’s Orpheum Theater through May 25. “WICKED,” based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, is the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Is Hamilton worth seeing live?

PILLAI: ‘Hamilton’ is worth watching live, but its historical flaws should be addressed. Although “Hamilton” falls short in some key areas, it is still worth seeing in theatre.

Is there a dress code for Orpheum?

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