Can a varsity player play in a JV game?

Can a varsity player play in a JV game?

The main players comprise the varsity team. Although the intensity of the JV team may vary from place to place, most junior varsity teams consist of players who are in their freshman and sophomore years in school, though occasionally upperclassmen may play on JV teams.

Can 8th graders play high school sports in Michigan?

Age – Students must be under 19 years old to play school sports except that if students turn 19 on or after Sept. 1 of a current school year, they can finish that school year. 6th graders must be under 13 years of age; 7th-graders must be under 14 years of age, and 8th-graders must be under 15 years old.

Why is the clock still running after out of bounds?

The receiver caught the ball and was pushed out of bounds by the defender with the offensive player’s momentum going backward at the time. The sideline official ruled that the offensive player’s forward momentum was stopped while inbounds, so the clock continued to run even though he went out of bounds.

Is there a mercy rule in MLB baseball?

Although there is no 10 run rule in the MLB, there is a mercy rule for pitchers that was implemented for MLB Spring Training games. The rule is that when a pitcher has a bad inning, which is defined as 20 pitches or more, the pitcher can elect to end the inning at any time.

Where can I find MSHSAA baseball manual?

MSHSAA Baseball Manual 2 MISSOURI STATE HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION PO BOX 1328 COLUMBIA, MO 65205-1328 (573) 875-4880 [email protected] – EXECUTIVE STAFF Dr. Kerwin Urhahn, Executive Director Stacy Schroeder, Associate Executive Director Davine Davis, Assistant Executive Director

How to host a district tournament in MSHSAA baseball?

MSHSAA Baseball Manual 18 APPENDIX D (TOC) DISTRICT HOST SUBMISSION FORM – BASEBALL This form is to be completed and submitted by the Athletic Director of a member school wishing to host the district tournament in the sport of baseball.

What is the game time for the MSHSAA sectional tournament?

c. GAME TIME: Between 4pm and 6pm unless held at a facility without lights, when it may begin as early as 2:00 pm, with prior approval of both participating schools’ administrators and the MSHSAA office. d. ROTATION: Sectional Districts Sectional Districts 1 1 v.

What are the protective equipment requirements for MSHSAA baseball?

MSHSAA Baseball Manual 7 H. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT 1. NFHS Rule 1-5-1: Head protectors shall be worn as provided in rule for all players in positions listed. All head protectors will carry the NOCSAE Seal of Approval and warning label. 2.

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