Did Bayonetta 3 get Cancelled?

Did Bayonetta 3 get Cancelled?

Nintendo recently delayed the Breath of the Wild sequel until the Spring of 2023, so we’re hoping Bayonetta 3 stays on course so this year isn’t barren for the Nintendo Switch. According to a recent Nintendo earnings report, Bayonetta 3 is still slated for a 2022 release.

Did they stop making Bayonetta 2?

Sega has cancelled development on Bayonetta 2, according to a new report. A source told Spong that Sega halted development on the Platinum-created sequel following an internal restructure. Apparently the game included a new character, someone who was a member of the US military.

Is Kamiya directing Bayonetta 3?

In a PlatinumGames blog post from last year, Kamiya wrote: “With Bayonetta 3, I’m still overseeing the world and story, but in order to breathe some new life into the game I’ve chosen Yusuke Miyata, a longtime and trusted co-worker (although he can be a bit of a goofball), as the director.”

Will Bayonetta 3 Be Delayed?

Bayonetta 3 is an 18-rated 2022 release (pic: Nintendo). Despite fan fears about the lack of news, it looks like Bayonetta 3 will be out this year since its ad in the UK and the USA have already rated it in the United States.

Did Bayonetta 1 sell well?

Bayonetta has sold over one million copies. 1,100,000, to be exact, officially making the Sega-published sex romp a success. Platinum Games is known for making great games that don’t sell, so this is pretty fantastic news. Considering a lot of this studio worked on Okami, it’s as close to justice as we may get.

Why is Bayonetta 3 a switch exclusive?

It was the save from Nintendo that prompted exclusivity for Bayonetta 3. In the aforementioned Twitter thread, Hideki again showed appreciation toward Nintendo for allowing the Bayonetta series to continue. “It was decided from the start that the game was going to be developed using Nintendo’s funding,” Hideki posted.

What is Bayonetta 3 rated?

Bayonetta 3 has partial nudity, shocking! Bayonetta 3 is rated as 18 by PEGI. Additionally, the ESRB rating states that Bayonetta 3 will contain violence, blood, gore, partial nudity, strong language, as well as in-game purchases.

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