Does GCC support #pragma?

Does GCC support #pragma?

GCC supports several types of pragmas, primarily in order to compile code originally written for other compilers. Note that in general we do not recommend the use of pragmas; See Function Attributes, for further explanation.

What are the GCC compiler options?

15 Most Frequently Used GCC Compiler Command Line Options

  • Specify the Output Executable Name.
  • Enable all warnings set through -Wall option.
  • Produce only the preprocessor output with -E option.
  • Produce only the assembly code using -S option.
  • Produce only the compiled code using the -C option.

What is the Pragma directives in C language?

#pragma Directive in C/C++

Sr.No. #pragma Directives & Description
1 #pragma startup Before the execution of main(), the function specified in pragma is needed to run.
2 #pragma exit Before the end of program, the function specified in pragma is needed to run.
3 #pragma warn Used to hide the warning messages.

What does pragma stand for?

Pragma is short for pragmatic information. So, simple. In plain English, pragmatic is an adjective that means sensible and practical.

What is pragma command?

Advertisements. SQLite PRAGMA command is a special command to be used to control various environmental variables and state flags within the SQLite environment. A PRAGMA value can be read and it can also be set based on the requirements.

What is pragma code?

A pragma is a compiler directive that allows you to provide additional information to the compiler. This information can change compilation details that are not otherwise under your control. For example, the pack pragma affects the layout of data within a structure. Compiler pragmas are also called directives.

Is pragma once standard?

In the C and C++ programming languages, pragma once is a non-standard but widely supported preprocessor directive designed to cause the current source file to be included only once in a single compilation.

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