How can I get a job in Fiji from India?

How can I get a job in Fiji from India?

Browse online job boards, such as South Pacific Employment, Learn4Good, and Careerjet. Use LinkedIn to network with individuals who are living and working in Fiji, and to find individuals who might be able to connect you with an employer who is interested in hiring you.

Is it easy to find a job in Fiji?

Finding a job in Fiji It is very difficult to find a job from within the country, so expats should start the process as soon as possible prior to relocating. Recruitment agencies can help with the search, otherwise there are online job portals that advertise the various opportunities available.

Can an Indian citizen work in Fiji?

Requirements to Obtain Fiji Work Visas A valid passport. A signed and completed arrival card. An approval letter from the Immigration Department. A confirmed address in the country.

Can I live and work in Fiji?

All foreign nationals wishing to work and live in Fiji are required to have a relevant work permit issued by the Fijian Immigration. Using a visa with the wrong category for working in Fiji, or overstaying your visa, can lead to prosecution, potentially resulting in detention and deportation at your own expense.

Is Fiji good to work?

Working in paradise is possible in Fiji With its pristine beaches, tropical climate, and one-of-a-kind vibe, Fiji might be just the place for you if you want to live somewhere that’s out of the ordinary.

What is the largest airport in Fiji?

Nadi International Airport
Nadi International Airport (IATA: NAN, ICAO: NFFN) is the main international airport of Fiji as well as an important regional hub for the South Pacific islands, located by the coast on the western side of the main island Viti Levu.

What are the most common jobs in Fiji?

Fiji has a population of 905,949 people….Economy of Fiji.

Labour force 353,100 (2017 est.)
Labour force by occupation Agriculture: 44.2% Industry: 14.3% Services: 41.6% (2011 est.)
Main industries Tourism, sugar processing, clothing, copra, gold, silver, lumber
Ease-of-doing-business rank 102nd (medium, 2020)

Can a foreigner work in Fiji?

To work in Fiji, you may need to apply for a Work Visa or Permit. This section will provide you with information about how to apply. Permits to enter and reside or to enter reside and work in Fiji may be issued on application made to the Director of Immigration, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji.

What airlines fly to Fiji?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Fiji? Qantas, Fiji Airways, American Airlines, British Airways and Air New Zealand all fly non-stop to Fiji.

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