How can I get IRCTC code?

How can I get IRCTC code?

The first step is to visit and click on Register at the top. The next step is to fill in all details such as user name, password, security question, gender, date of birth, occupation, country details etc. along with your complete address.

What is IRCTC login ID?

IRCTC Registered Email / Phone Number. Date of birth. Get IRCTC User ID. You will receive an email from IRCTC with your registered IRCTC userID.

Why can’t I register in IRCTC?

IRCTC Account Login Registration in Mobile: wrong credentials mean in irctc is that either you entered the wrong username or password. Solution: The solution of is to Re-verify your username and password, if it is correct then click on forget password link to reset your password then use the new password.

Why IRCTC login is not opening?

Check the security settings in your system and browser. While accessing websites like IRCTC, you need to keep the security setting to medium instead of high. Also, disable any pop ups you may see at the top. You can contact the customer support if you face persistent issues logging into the website.

Can I make a new IRCTC account with same mobile number?

IRCTC Mobile Number Already Registered : Solution for this problem, you need to change already registered mobile number from your account and open your new account and open profile, and call to IRCTC customer care request them with your new number then they will change your new number with already existing number.

Why IRCTC site is not opening in my mobile?

There might be a number of reasons why the irctc App does not operate. It’s possible that the server is down or that the website is in maintenance mode. It’s not the only thing that may go wrong with your internet service. Read on if you’re having problems using the IRCTC App.

What is wrong credentials in IRCTC login?

Wrong Credentials ‘Login failed wrong user credentials’ error message means that there is a problem with IRCTC Login credentials (IRCTC User ID or password). Recheck your IRCTC User ID and password. If the issue still remains, you can change your password by clicking here or recover your username by clicking here.

What is PRN number in train?

Ans: PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a number that contains the personal details of a passenger. This number is issued by IRCTC’s computerised reservation system. Q.

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