How can I maximize my clothes drawer space?

How can I maximize my clothes drawer space?

Fold your clothing into a rectangular shape and then compact it or tuck it into a tight bundle. This will allow them to stand up vertically, much like a file folder in a filing cabinet. You’ll gain 50% more drawer space, which will allow you to create rows of clothing.

How do you make your own drawer dividers?

  1. Step 1: Determine which drawer needs organizing.
  2. Step 2: Begin to cut fitted cardboard for dividing drawers.
  3. Step 3: Create the layout of the cardboard inserts for drawer dividing.
  4. Step 4: Use a box cutter and cut the cardboard.
  5. Step 5: Make insert cuts to intersect the dividers.

What should be hung up and what should be folded?

Material: Delicate materials that are prone to wrinkling should be hung (silk, satin, lace); materials that are often starched should be hung (cotton dress shirts, etc.); slinky, stretchy materials (lycra, jersey, etc.) should be folded to keep from stretching out; most knitwear should also be folded.

How do you organize a junk drawer?

Only takes five minutes!

  1. Here’s how to organize your junk drawer once and for all…
  2. Take everything out, and I mean everything.
  3. Next, start grouping like items into piles.
  4. Insert smaller or compartmentalized storage options into the drawer.
  5. Group like items together in the compartments or containers that you’ve added.

What do you do with inaccessible closet space?

Problem: Inaccessible Space The surest way to solve this daily inconvenience is to open up the wall and replace the door with double doors or a sliding door. Short of that, you can install expandable shelves in the empty space to make pulling out items easier.

How to build a simple inexpensive DIY closet organizer?

five 1″x12″x8′ MDF shelf boards – These inexpensive MDF boards will make up most of the structure of the diy closet organizer.

  • five 1″x2″x8′ common boards – This will form the outer face of the closet organizer.
  • two 1″x1″ square dowel s – This will be used to trim the shoe cubbies.
  • Where to purchase closet organizers?


  • Metal
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Where can you get closet organizers?

    Elfa. Starting at$804, The Elfa system,available at The Container Store,is a totally customizable system that you can design online or work with an expert to create.

  • Boaxel.
  • ClosetMaid.
  • Whitmor.
  • Modular Closets.
  • Easy Track.
  • Closet Evolution.
  • Rubbermaid.
  • EasyClosets.
  • Closet Factory.
  • How to better organize your closet with IKEA cabinets?

    Start with the present: Starting a system with your current photos will help to keep you on track as new ones come in.

  • Label: Place traditional photos in envelopes labeled with the month,year and event.
  • Store: The simplest method for storing traditional photos is putting them into photo boxes.
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