How do I check the balance on my Visa travel money card?

How do I check the balance on my Visa travel money card?

The cardholder may obtain the card balance or transaction history free-of-charge at or by calling customer service at the phone number provided on the back of the card (1-866-674-9621).

What is Visa travel money card?

Visa Travel Money is a prepaid card that is not linked to your bank account. Use the card to access only the funds you deposited in it before leaving on your trip. Take two cards with you for increased security and convenience.

How does a Visa travel card work?

These cards allow you to load cash in specific currencies onto your card before you go on your trip, letting you lock in your exchange rate instead of paying the current rate at the ATM or point of sale. You can then use the card wherever its payment network, such as Visa or Mastercard, is accepted.

Can I use travel money card online?

Use it wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed. Plus, you can move money from one currency to another whenever you like via our app or online. Order online, via the app or in branch and load any of the 23 currencies on your Travel Money Card.

Can I use travel card for online purchases?

Card can be used for online transaction (e-commerce) POS payment, ATM Cash withdrawal beside balance enquiry at ATM.

Can I get money back from travel card?

Travel Money Card purchases are all done electronically, so you need to follow a different process to claim a refund on your card. Just call the number printed on the back of it and we’ll take you through it. How long do I have to apply for my refund? You have 28 days from the date you bought your currency.

How do I withdraw money from my travel card?

You can use any ATM that’s accepts Mastercard. Fees will apply for every cash withdrawal, these fees are detailed online or on your welcome letter. Please be aware that some ATMs may also charge you and this should always be displayed on the ATM screen.

How do I check how much money is on my Visa Vanilla Gift card?

1. Be sure to know your balance before you shop. Check your balance at or call 1-833-322-6760.

Where is the PIN on a Visa gift card?

Gift cards issued by department stores typically have a PIN. It is usually found on the back of the card underneath an area that must be scratched off to view.

Use it like a debit card – without worrying about overseas bank fees. Pay contactless, pay with your PIN or withdraw at a local ATM. You can even use it to make online purchases.

What is the best travel money card for USA?

Best 5 Travel Money Cards for the USA in 2022:

  • Wise Multi Currency Card for best exchange rates.
  • Revolut Travel Card as the best all rounder.
  • HSBC Global Everyday Debit Card for ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card for lowest interest rate.
  • ING One Low Rate Credit Card with no annual fee.

Does U.S. Bank have a prepaid Visa card?

U.S. Bank Visa® Gift Card With the U.S. Bank Visa Gift Card 1, recipients can choose the perfect gift themselves – from clothes to music, movie tickets to dinner and much more. Plus, it’s safer than giving cash.

Can you transfer money from travel card to bank account?

Insert your travel card into any ATM in another nation and follow the instructions to withdraw money. Making a withdrawal is as simple as using your regular bank card. You can transfer money preloaded on your card to a Bank transaction account by connecting to the Bank app or using the Net Banking service.

What is a Visa travel money card?

How does travel money card work?

You simply buy one and load it with money before you set off. A prepaid card isn’t a credit card, so you can’t run up debts on them. You have a choice of currencies you can put on the card – pounds, euros or US dollars – depending on your destination.

Are travel money cards a good idea?

Why use a prepaid travel card? It’s safer. A prepaid card is similar to having cash on you but it’s safer than carrying around too much or leaving it in your hotel even if it’s in the room safe. This is the main advantage of carrying one of these cards as your money is safe if the card is lost or stolen.

Where can I get a prepaid Visa card for international use?

7 Places to Get Prepaid Visa Card for International Use

  • Walmart MoneyCard. The easiest way to get a prepaid Visa card for international use is at Walmart.
  • Green Dot Visa Cards.
  • Target Prepaid Cards.
  • Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card.
  • NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Foreign Currency & Travel Cards.

What Visa gift cards can be used internationally?

Some of the best International Visa gift cards include:

  • AAA MemberPay Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card.
  • TD Connect Reloadable Prepaid Card (fewer fees if you’re already a TD cardholder)
  • Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card.
  • Visa Travel Money.

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