How do I dispose of ink cartridges in nyc?

How do I dispose of ink cartridges in nyc?

An easy way to provide this service to your customers is by partnering with a charity or recycling company. Display a sign in your store telling people that you accept empty ink and toner cartridges, and provide information about recycling.

Does Best Buy take used ink cartridges?

Printer ink cartridges. In honor of Earth Day – and every day after – you now will be rewarded for bringing in your old ink. In addition to the convenience of drop-off locations at every Best Buy store, you will get a $2 coupon for every cartridge you recycle.

How do I dispose of an old printer in nyc?

You can drop off electronics during regular business hours at places such as Goodwill, The Lower East Side Ecology Center’s Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse, Salvation Army, Best Buy, and Staples (no TVs).

Does nyc sanitation pick up printers?

Items we will collect curbside include computers, TVs and other electronics covered by the New York State ban. Residents wishing to take advantage of the program can simply request a pickup using the form below.

Does Staples give money for empty ink cartridges?

Staples Rewards members receive $2 back in Staples Rewards for every eligible cartridge recycled in person at a Staples store or online.

What can you do with old HP ink cartridges?

Recycle in-store Many places accept your used ink cartridges for recycling. Several of the major “big box” retailers have ink disposal containers near where they sell their ink. Office supply stores also have recycling boxes or stations that accept almost every type of inkjet and toner cartridge.

What can I recycle in nyc?


  • cardboard egg cartons.
  • cardboard trays.
  • smooth cardboard (food and shoe boxes, gift boxes, tubes, file folders, cardboard from product packaging)
  • pizza boxes (remove and discard soiled liner; recycle little plastic supporter with rigid plastics)

Are VHS tapes recyclable in nyc?

Local Recycling Options for Obsolete High-Tech Trash These bins, available through a company called Greendisk, accept all kinds of media and tech-related waste for reuse or recycling. With all the great resources at hand in NYC we’re reserving our bin for the most obsolete materials, like VHS and audio tapes.

Does Walmart take empty ink?

Yes, Walmart accepts ink cartridges and toner for recycling at all of their stores.

What can you not recycle in nyc?

Not Accepted

  • Batteries.
  • “Tanglers” (such as cables, wires, cords, hoses)
  • Electronic devices banned from disposal.
  • Paper with heavy wax or plastic coating (candy wrappers, take-out and freezer containers, etc.)
  • Soiled or soft paper (napkins, paper towels, tissues)

Are binders recyclable NYC?

3-ring binders (though if the metal rings are separate, they can be recycled)

How do I dispose of cassette tapes in NYC?

Mail to GreenDisk Through their Technotrash Pack-It program, they will dispose of any unwanted audio cassette and VHS tapes.

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