How do I reduce inner groove distortion?

How do I reduce inner groove distortion?

Mastering engineers will attempt to mitigate end-of-side distortion by pressing quieter songs, with moderate bass and lower HF energy towards the center of each side. Alternatively, they will restrict the playing time, or spread an album over two discs to avoid inner grooves.

Is vinyl supposed to sound distorted?

Sometimes, the cause of distortion is the vinyl record itself. If a record is well-loved and played to death, there could be considerable groove wear depending on how well the previous owner cared for the records and looked after their turntable. Try swapping the record and listening again.

What is sibilance on vinyl?

Sibilance is long “s” sounds. Sibilance is can be recorded, so it would be there on the digital version, as well. This could happen because the artist was too close to the microphone. It could also happen because it’s poorly reproduced by turntable. This often happen because the Stylus Rake Angle is incorrect.

What does non fill sound like?

“Non-fill” refers to a pressing defect that occurs when the molten vinyl does not flow fully to produce a well-formed groove. It occurs most often on a 180g record’s outer edge and is caused by the vinyl’s beginning to harden prematurely. The sound produced is noise—a “shsssshing” sound that we’ve all heard too often.

Why do all my vinyls sound warped?

Introduction. Improper storage, exposure to heat, and cats can lead to warped vinyl. Warped vinyl can lead to a wobbly sounding rendition of your favorite song. Fortunately, warped records can often be fixed, so you can be back to rockin’ and rollin’ in no time.

Why does my vinyl sound raspy?

An old or worn stylus will cause your records to sound bad or sound scratchy. This is because a worn stylus is getting down to the bottom of the record groove where there is no music.

What causes sibilance on vinyl?

Sibilance can be caused by many aspects of analog vinyl replay. It is important to determine if the problem relates to a small amount of recordings, or many records, and the condition of those records. If it is only a few recordings, then sibilance is often casued by a bad recording, bad pressing, or damaged records.

What does sibilance sound like?

Sibilance is a figure of speech in which a hissing sound is created within a group of words through the repetition of “s” sounds.

What is Nonfill?

What does vinyl non Fill look like?

The defect runs around the groove circumference. “Non-fill” is when a patch of vinyl separates from the pressed record and usually looks like a white spot…

Why do I sound like Mickey Mouse on Zoom?

The reality is, zoom settings need to be set on “same as system.” regarding your microphone. So first do that. then, scroll to the speaker icon on your computer… ALSO, if you have open ANY program that ALSO uses a mic, turn those off.

Why do some vinyl records sound bad?

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