How do I set speed-dial on my Cisco phone?

How do I set speed-dial on my Cisco phone?

Configuring Speed-Dial Hot Keys

  1. Choose Menu > Directory > Phone Book >Speed Dial.
  2. Scroll to an available speed-dial hot key and press Detail.
  3. Press Edit to enter the information. See the “Entering and Editing Text” section.
  4. Press OK to save the speed-dial number.

How do I set speed-dial on Cisco 7962?

Press the New Call soft key, and then dial. If you are using a headset, press the Headset button, and then dial. Dial the number, and then press the Headset button. If you have established speed-dial numbers, press a speed-dial button.

How do I change the speed-dial on my Cisco IP Phone 7965?

Log in to your IP Phone User Options web page and choose your Cisco 7920 device. Choose Add/Update Your Speed Dials… from the main menu. You can set up or change speed-dial numbers by entering the phone number and name on this web page. Refer to Customizing Your Cisco IP Phone on the Web for more information.

How do I remove speed dial on my Cisco phone?

Choose Menu > Directory > Speed Dial. Scroll to a Speed Dial number and press Detail. Press Edit to change or clear an existing phone number. To confirm the change, press OK, then Back to exit the menu.

How do I setup my Cisco IP Phone 7945?

Step 1: Connect the network 10/100 SW port to an available port on your switch or router using an Ethernet cable.

  1. Step 2: Connect the handset to the phone using the provided phone cord.
  2. Step 3: Connect the power adapter to the back of the phone.

How do I setup speed dial on my Cisco IP Phone 7821?

Speed dial Enter a speed-dial item number and press the SpeedDial softkey. Or, press the down arrow on the Navigation bar when the phone is idle, then scroll to a speed-dial item and press the round Select button in the Navigation bar.

How does speed dial works?

For Speed Dial numbers with multiple digits select the first number then press and hold the second to call. For example, if you want to call speed dial number 10, touch 1, and then touch and hold 0.

What is the speed dial button?

The speed dial on the telephone allows a person to call a specific telephone number with just the push of a button. Speed dialing has the advantage of users not having to remember long telephone numbers and enter the long telephone number into their phones.

How do I configure speed dial on a Cisco IP phone?

Configure Speed Dial on a Cisco IP Phone with Multiplatform Firmware 1 Applicable Devices 2 Software Version 3 Configure Speed Dial. Press the Applications button on the phone. Using the navigation button on the phone, scroll down to Speed dials and click Select.

How do I configure speed-dial features on my Cisco IP Phone 7920?

• Alternately, your system administrator can configure speed-dial features for you. On the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 keypad, the numeric keys (2-9) are hot keys that access speed-dial numbers. You can assign phone numbers to eight speed-dial hot keys. The number 1 key is reserved for accessing the voice messaging system.

How do I change the speed dial on my Android phone?

Step 1. Press the Applications button on the phone. Step 2. Using the navigation button on the phone, scroll down to Speed dials and click Select. Step 3. Using the navigation button, scroll down to the line you wish to use, and click Edit.

How do I make an intercom call on my Cisco phone?

Press the speed dial key or dial the directory number to start the intercom call. Note The called Cisco Unified IP phone automatically answers the call in speakerphone mode with mute activated or deactivated depending on the configuration. The phone beeps to alert the recipient to the incoming call.

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