How do I show categories in PrestaShop?

How do I show categories in PrestaShop?

How to display categories in the left hand panel

  1. Log into your PrestaShop 1.6 admin dashboard.
  2. From the main dashboard, look to the left hand navigation panel and hover over Preferences and then click Themes.
  3. The top portion of the page displays your current theme.
  4. You are now on the theme editor page.

How do I edit categories in PrestaShop?

The “Edit” button in the button bar enables you to edit the parent category of the currently-displayed sub-categories. This means that when you are viewing the main sub-categories, clicking the “Edit” button will enable you to edit the “Home” category.

How do I change my homepage Image in PrestaShop?

Log into your PrestaShop admin dashboard. Using the upper toolbar menu, hover over the Modules tab and click on the Modules option. From the Modules page, locate the Image slider for your homepage module. Click the Configure link.

How do I customize PrestaShop?

It’s simple, just login to your PrestaShop customization store back office and click on: Preferences -> Themes. You will see all the themes that your store currently has and an option to change the logo. Just click on “Add file” and upload your new logo. We have done it on our testing website with our own logo!

How do I change the product page in PrestaShop?

Go to Catalog -> Products -> Edit Products -> Modules….Prestashop Product Page Additional Custom Tabs – Workflow

  1. Enable or Disable the tabs.
  2. Change the position of tabs to display at the front end.
  3. Edit or Delete the tabs.

How do I change the product page in prestashop?

How can I change prestashop theme?

Go to your_site_folder/themes/leo_chopin/ and you will find header. tpl , footer. tpl . You can modify these templates there or make a copy of a theme into another folder and modify it.

How do I use PrestaShop themes?

Following are steps you need to follow to create your PrestaShop theme.

  1. Choose a Platform. Download and install TemplateToaster on your computer.
  2. Select a Layout.
  3. Design the Header.
  4. Design the Menu.
  5. Design the Slideshow.
  6. Design the Content (Main Area)
  7. Design the Footer.
  8. Export the Theme.

How can I change PrestaShop theme?

How to change homepage contents in PrestaShop?

To change prestashop homepage contents, we have to modify the controller of “homepage”. This controller defines what kind of stuff you want to display on “index” page of your store (first page). You can find this controller in file located in your prestashop filesystem: /controllers/front/IndexController.php file.

How to show categories with images in homepage?

i was searching how to show categories with images in homepage thier is a module called home text editor in module list just install that module go to text click on html enter the html code u can design you categories with images in dreamwevr and paste here only html More sharing options…

How to get category ID number in Shopify?

$_GET [‘id_category’]=4 – this is variable which defines category id number, this cateogry products listing will appear on front page of your shop. You can use there any other category id you want. Read how to get category id. Now it’s time to modify initContent () function.

How do I edit my PrestaShop homepage?

Edit a Page

  1. Login PrestaShop.
  2. Select Design, then Pages.
  3. Select Edit to the right of a page.
  4. Edit the title, description, meta data, URL, and page content as needed before you Save.

Is PrestaShop mobile friendly?

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder lets you develop your own smartphone and tablet responsive native app with just a few clicks without any hassle and coding knowledge. The Android and iOS apps support all types of products, languages, shipping methods and payment methods.

What is root category in prestashop?

The root category also reflects the “home” category of each store so if you don’t want to have the same products in the homepage category you need different root categories. This way it is easier to assign categories to each store and you can have different prodcuts in the home category.

How do I change layout in PrestaShop?

In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Design -> Theme and Logo section: Click Choose layouts button on the right side: Select a page and change its layout up to your needs: Click the Save button to save the changes.

How do I use PrestaShop?

2. PrestaShop Features

  1. Ease of use. PrestaShop provides users with amazing tools to simplify the daily operating procedure for you.
  2. Payment gateway.
  3. Customization.
  4. Free & open source.
  5. Step 1: Download and unpack PrestaShop.
  6. Step 2: Upload the database to your server.
  7. Step 3: Create a new database.
  8. Step 4: Install PrestaShop.

Is PrestaShop free?

PrestaShop is 100% free. No monthly fees.

Is PrestaShop easy to learn?

Launch Your Online Store With PrestaShop It allows you to build a full-fledged online shop with advanced features. You can customize it to your needs, and start selling in no time. While the settings are very complex, it has a beginner-friendly interface and is suitable for non-technical users.

Is PrestaShop better than WordPress?

PrestaShop has a CMS section to create your information pages, but with very limited options. WordPress has Classic and Gutenberg Editor that allows you to create custom fields and edit all major aspects of pages. Since you need to manage a lot of content on store pages, WooCommerce is a great choice.

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