How do I use Asiamiles?

How do I use Asiamiles?

If you’ve purchased a First or Business class ticket, you can use your Asia Miles to redeem a companion ticket for anyone. Fly in extra comfort in Economy Class by redeeming seats that offer you more personal space. Travel in style by using your miles to upgrade your ticket to the next higher cabin class.

Why is Cathay Pacific called CX?

In 2010, Cathay Pacific became the world’s largest international cargo airline, along with main hub Hong Kong International Airport as the world’s busiest airport measured by cargo traffic. The company slogan is Move beyond….Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Literal meaning Cathay Aviation

What does the word Cathay mean?

North China
Cathay, name by which North China was known in medieval Europe. The word is derived from Khitay (or Khitan), the name of a seminomadic people who left southeastern Mongolia in the 10th century ce to conquer part of Manchuria and northern China, which they held for about 200 years.

Is Cathay still flying?

Cathay Pacific at breaking point in Hong Kong Hong Kong (CNN Business) Cathay Pacific plans to continue operating at just minuscule levels as its home city remains largely cut off from the rest of the world.

What are Asia Miles worth?

Asia Miles are valued at an average of 1.2 cents when used for award flights, but can be worth more or less depending on the cabin class and distance of the flight. Outside of flight awards, miles can also be used for hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and more.

What can you redeem with Asia Miles?

1.1. The Asia Miles Lifestyle Award redemption platform ( is provided to Members to enable them to redeem and earn Mileage Credits for certain Lifestyle Awards including, but not limited to, merchandise, concert and event tickets, gift cards, etc.

How many 777 does Cathay have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Notes
Boeing 777-300ER 41
Boeing 777-9 Deliveries deferred to 2025 or later.
Total 152

What is Cathay called now?

In many Turkic and Slavic languages a form of “Cathay” (e.g., Russian: Китай, Kitay) remains the usual modern name for China.

What country is Cathay?

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