How do you chum for cobia?

How do you chum for cobia?

Chumming for Cobia

  1. Cobia love crustaceans, and a mesh bag filled with crushed blue crabs is an excellent chum-enhancer.
  2. Put a live bait or two into the mix, along with your cut baits.
  3. Serious cobia chummers will set chum both at the surface, and deep in a weighted chum pot.

What’s the best bait for cobia?

Top Baits for Cobia

  • Pinfish are a feisty baitfish with lots of energy, caught inshore around the docks. Lob a frantic, tail-hooked pinfish a few feet in front of cobia, and that’s pretty close to a sure hookup.
  • Marsh minnows.
  • Squid.
  • Cigar minnows and Spanish sardines.
  • Ribbonfish.
  • Menhaden.

Do cobia bite at night?

Cobia fishing at night can be excellent, or just a waist of time. There is plenty of opportunity for a mess of fish. Spanish, Kings, Tarpon and just about every other fish you would expect to catch in the day time can be caught at night. I have caught dozens of Cobia at night off the piers.

What lures do cobia like?

Cobia Fishing Tackle Lures: Wahoo Big Eye Jigs, Blue Water Candy cobia jigs, and Alien Deep Jigs, 2- to 8-ounce in white, blue, chartreuse, red, pink or combinations of these colors. Bucktails are preferred over nylon skirts, often with soft trailers, like an 8-inch Gulp!

What temperature do cobia like?

68 to 70 degrees
Water temperature is the key to the manta-cobia run, with 68 to 70 degrees seeming to be the magic numbers for good action.

How to catch a cobia?

Cobia are known to congregate heavily in 15 feet to 50 feet of water, often following rays, turtles, and sharks. Bottom fishing and sight fishing are the most popular methods to target Cobia; let’s dive into the details. Sight Fishing Cobia By far, the most popular method for catching Cobia is sight fishing.

What size leader for cobia is best?

When fishing for Cobia, the ideal leader size is a 40lb test. Cobia are extremely strong fish, so a heavy leader size is a must to limit the number of break-offs. Also, Cobia have extremely good eyesight so it is important to use 100% fluorocarbon leader to ensure that the Cobia cannot see your leader. What Size Hooks For Cobia?

What is the best reel for cobia fishing?

Shimano TwinPower in the 5000 size has always been a great reel to target Cobia. The reel has 29lb of drag and the line capacity for 225 yards of 30lb braid. Best Line To Use For Cobia When fishing for Cobia, use a strong braid ranging from 25lb to 40lb test.

What size hook for cobia?

The ideal hook size for Cobia is a 6/0 but varies from 5/0 to 8/0 depending on the size of the Cobia you are targeting. Let’s take a deeper look at how to catch Cobia by learning more about the species as a whole.

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