How do you search for items in MapleStory?

How do you search for items in MapleStory?

Searching for Items Enter the name of an item you want on Quick Search located on top-left of the window. While you are typing, up to 30 item names will appear as auto-complete suggestions in the menu, to help you find popular items quickly.

How do I access Maple auction?

You can access the Auction House in Town, via the Menu > Maple Auction. Alternatively, via Quick Move > Maple Auction.

What happened to MapleStory GG?

Hello everyone, the team here! As you may be aware, the bot and website have ceased to function in the last 12 or so hours. Our investigations have revealed that it seems like all communications are being blocked from our infrastructure.

What happened to the free market MapleStory?

The Free Market is a central trading post where players can trade with other users. It used to allow players to set up personal stores, but this method has been removed and replaced with the Auction House.

How do you get free pets in MapleStory?

MapleStory Ninja Castle Dungeon Ninja Castle is a theme dungeon you can do three times a day to earn a free pet. It starts at level 170 and requires you to complete several puzzle quests and then a boss fight against the giant Gigatoad. It will drop the item Mr Toad pet, which lasts for 30 days.

How do you unlock potential in MapleStory?

Potentials are usually sealed, so a piece of equipment needs to be appraised in order to view their Potential in the item’s tooltip. In order to unlock the sealed Potential, just use the Appraise button on your inventory and click on the unappraised item. Up to 3 unlocked Potential stats are granted per Equip item.

What happened MapleStory market?

Hello MapleStory players. On November 23, a patch will take place to improve the in-game trading system. As a result of these improvements, the Free Market will be removed and all Cash items used in the Free Market will stop being sold on November 13.

Are VAC pets worth it MapleStory?

Well, Vac Pets are considerably better. Their radius for looting is very large, allowing you to loot platforms that you would otherwise need to jump to in order to get the loot. In small maps they are very good, allowing you to barely move when training because you can just suck all the loot up to you.

Are pets permanent MapleStory?

Many pets are only active for 90 days, although sometimes permanent pets are available in the Cash Shop. After 90 days, your pet turns back into a doll, and it needs to be revived before you can play with it again.

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