How many assists did Mata get for Chelsea?

How many assists did Mata get for Chelsea?

Mata scored 33 goals and provided 58 assists in 135 appearances over two-and-a-half seasons with Chelsea.

How old is Juan matter?

34 years (April 28, 1988)Juan Mata / Age

Who has Juan Mata played for?

Transfer history

  • 13/14. Jan 24, 2014. Man Utd. £40.26m.
  • 11/12. Aug 24, 2011. Chelsea. £24.03m.
  • 07/08. Jul 1, 2007. Valencia.
  • 06/07. Jul 1, 2006. RM Castilla. –
  • 05/06. Jul 1, 2005. Real Madrid U19. –
  • 03/04. Jul 1, 2003. Real Madrid U17.
  • Real Oviedo You.

How many goals does Juan Mata have for Manchester United?

51 goals
Enjoy all of Juan Mata’s 51 goals for United, including a couple you may recall at Anfield…

What trophies has Juan Mata?


  • Spanish Champions Cup winner with Under-16 Real Madrid C.F.
  • 2007-08 Copa del Rey Champion with Valencia C.F.
  • 2012 Champions League winner with Chelsea F.C.
  • 2012 FA Cup Champion with Chelsea F.C.
  • 2013 Europa League Champion with Chelsea F.C.
  • 2016 FA Cup Champion with Manchester United.

Did Chelsea win Mata with Premier League?

The 27-year-old is yet to win the Premier League title since arriving in England in 2011. Chelsea last won the title in 2009/10 under Carlo Ancelotti, and missed out on top honours when Mata was at Stamford Bridge before agreeing to sell the Spaniard to rivals United in January 2014.

How many free kicks has Juan Mata scored?

Since August 2011 Juan Mata is the player that has scored more goals from free-kick in the English competition, 8 in total.

Why is Mata leaving United?

Juan Mata will leave Manchester United after eight years at the club when his contract expires at the end of the month. The 34-year-old was signed by David Moyes from Premier League rivals Chelsea in January 2014 and went on to make 285 appearances for United, scoring 51 goals.

How many trophies did Mata win at Chelsea?

Juan Mata

Titles and season
1x Champions League runner-up
11/12 Chelsea FC
1x English League Cup winner
2017 Manchester United

Who has scored the most premiership free kicks?

James Ward-Prowse
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Rank Player Stat
1. James Ward-Prowse 4
2. Kieran Trippier 2
3. Trent Alexander-Arnold 1
3. Marcos Alonso 1

Who has scored the most free kicks in the Premier League ever?

#1 David Beckham David Beckham is the all-time Premier League free-kick goal scorer with 18 goals.

What is mAthA called in English?

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