How many hours can a reefer unit run?

How many hours can a reefer unit run?

Reefer Hours Reefer units typically log around 4,000 hours maximum each year.

What is a lot of hours for a reefer?

So, how many hours is a reefer good for? There is no hard fast number, but we generally consider a reefer to be “older” at 20,000 hours, and wouldn’t rely on anything above 30,000 hours. Manufacturers routinely claim their reefer units will last 40,000 hours, but that’s a lot like a car with 300,000 miles.

Do reefer trailers heat and cool?

Since reefers are able to collect and pump heat, they can be used to heat and cool shipments.

How many hours is too much for a reefer trailer?

A common rule of thumb is a reefer trailer should last for an average of 40,000 hours of use which equates to about 8 years on the open road. These values are based on an average of 4,000 to 5,000 hours of use per year. Keeping your hours under 4,000 annually will then extend the lifespan of your trailer considerably.

Is reefer fuel the same as diesel?

Chemically, reefer fuel is similar to diesel. However, it is not the same as diesel because it can only be used on private property. It is dyed red to prevent misuse or confusion in its intended purpose. It can be used to maintain refrigeration in reefer vehicles – but not to power the truck.

What is the average life of a reefer trailer?

How cold will a reefer trailer get?

The average reefer maintains temperatures within a range of about -13 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are highly specialized refrigeration units that go as low as -85 degrees Fahrenheit. These reefers are typically used for the transport of items in the medical and chemical industries.

Can you put reefer fuel in diesel truck?

Vehicle. Reefer fuel can be used to maintain the temperature in refrigerated trucks, commonly called reefer trucks. However, it cannot be used to fuel the truck on the road.

What is a reefer unit in a container?

A reefer unit is placed in the body of a container, and ensures the cooling of the container and it’s cargo. Most units are universal and can be placed in almost all container bodies, possibly with some minor modifications.

How do you ship used reefer units?

These insulated used reefer units sit at ground level for easy access and are manufactured with the highest standards to withstand the harshest environments. Our portable refrigerated containers can be shipped nationwide via flatbed for easy unloading at your location.

Can you transport frozen goods in a reefer container?

So, you can easily use a reefer container to transport frozen, chilled, or cold goods. A reefer container comes with a refrigeration unit on one end. When connected to a power source, the unit fills the container with chilled air.

Can I Pair my reefer unit with other refrigeration equipment?

These brand new insulated reefer units can also be paired with a wide range of refrigeration equipment engineered to match your specific cold storage needs. Contact us today for help with pairing portable cold storage containers and equipment.

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