How many miles is a lot for a CBR?

How many miles is a lot for a CBR?

While a well-serviced Honda CBR 600RR can last well over 60,000 miles, it is a sportbike, and some used markets consider a sportbike high-mileage after 25,000 miles.

How long will a CBR300R last?

A Honda CBR300R can last for 15 years if the owner stores it away from corrosive elements. Remember the CBR300R is a beginner’s sportbike. The average starter bike is ridden between 3,000 and 5,000 miles a year, and there are CBR300Rs on the road with over 60,000 miles.

How many miles will CBR500R last?

A well-maintained Honda CBR500R can last well over 70,000 miles, as there are real-life examples of 500Rs with over 100,000 miles on the odometer. Honda motors are reliable, but the CBR500R’s longevity depends on regular service, proper storage, and responsible riding habits.

Does cbr600rr have steering damper?

The Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) is way more sophisticated. It also detects vehicle speed, and adjusts damping proportionally. That helps maintain low-speed maneuverability while providing excellent, predictable high-speed handling.

Does 2017 cbr1000rr have steering damper?

The familiar HESD (Honda Electronic Steering Damper), hidden behind the steering head, is also at play, and did an exceptional job at quelling the many wheelie-related twitches encountered when pushing the pace.

What is the top speed of a Honda CBR 300?

CBR300R Acceleration

Honda CBR300R Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 29.608/96 mph
SS/Mile 43.46/97.3mph
Top Speed 97.85 mph

Is CBR500R fast?

Honda CBR500R Bike Overview It is also fun to take out on the road, with a reworked suspension that feels solid you can head over road bumps easily. You can cruise along the motorway no problem on this bike. The 47bhp engine gives you enough power to get you up to speed quickly, with a top speed of about 112mph.

Does 2007 CBR600RR have steering damper?

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Description English: Electronic steering damper, top center, with control arm, right, attached to upper triple clamp. On 2007 Honda CBR600RR.
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Does the 2005 CBR600RR have a steering damper?

Scotts Steering Dampers are one of the best products you can put on a road bike, improving steering, stability, handling and safety considering all the hazards one can face on the road.

What kind of modifications can you do to a Honda CBR500R?

CBR500R modifications that are normally done usually involve installing a better flowing exhaust system to increase the velocity of the exhaust gases. A correctly tuned Honda CBR500R exhaust system will give better performance usually in the mid to top end range of power. This gives the Honda CBR500R better acceleration and a higher top speed.

Is there a forum for Honda CBR owners?

Welcome to the CBR Forum – Enthusiast forums for Honda CBR Owners. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

What kind of exhaust does a Honda CBR500R have?

Racing Exhaust for the Honda CBR500R, CB 500X and CB 500X have been track tested to achieve maximum performance for the entire CBR line up from the CBR500R, CB 500F & CB 500X. Our exhaust systems for the Honda CBR500R are high performance racing exhaust that give more power from bottom end, mid range to top end.

Who is allowed to post in CBR Forum?

Only Female members and CBRForum staff are allowed to post in here. Any ladies in va with a cbr… Need help with CBR Forum? Ask. Have a suggestion to better CBRF?

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