How much does a jalousie door cost?

How much does a jalousie door cost?

Other options include a tempered glass insert (screen is standard). Jalousie Door shown measures 32″ x 80″ (custom sizes an option). Price for a standard white door is $309 (October 2006).

What is a jalousie window?

Jalousie windows — the louvered glass panels often seen in storm doors, enclosed porches or breezeways — are a common feature of mid-century homes, especially in warmer climates. Typically installed to enclose outdoor areas like porches, jalousie windows are also found in areas of the home in need more light and ventilation.

What are Ludman jalousie windows?

These Ludman Jalousie windows also came with inside screens and outside storms that allowed for three-season use. For doors, there also is a mention of a combination storm and screen. And, there is mention of wood slats (rather than glass) as a choice. Jalousie windows were advertised as part of the house of the future.

What are jalousie doors made of?

This jalousie door is made with extruded aluminum with 4″ glass louvers. Glass retainer clips (for louvers) are rounded on the ends, not squared, to prevent snags and cuts. A full-length piano hinge provides sturdy support and the door’s bottom has a built-in kickplate.

What kind of grill do you put on a jalousie door?

Stainless Steel Security Grill. Mounted on the interior of the jalousie door, covering the jalousie glass area. Screen and glass inserts are easily exchanged, the grill remains securely attached to the door. WE SHIP Jalousie Doors NATIONWIDE!

What is included with the Pacific series jalousie entry door?

A safety glass storm panel is included with the Pacific Series Jalousie Entry door. If you prefer to purchase your own hardware or re-use existing handle sets if applicable, the door will come predrilled to receive your handle and deadbolt set. There will be a deduction in cost if you choose to provide your own operating hardware.

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