Is a Stirling engine more efficient?

Is a Stirling engine more efficient?

Compared to an internal combustion engine of the same power rating, Stirling engines currently have a higher capital cost and are usually larger and heavier. However, they are more efficient than most internal combustion engines. Their lower maintenance requirements make the overall energy cost comparable.

Why Stirling engine is not used in cars?

Stirling engines are inherently more expensive and more complicated than internal combustion engines. At high power densities they must use light gas (hydrogen or helium) working fluids at relatively high pressure and high speed with difficult sealing problems and a relatively high maintenance requirement.

Why don’t we use Stirling engines in cars?

Why Aren’t Stirling Engines More Common? There are a couple of key characteristics that make Stirling engines impractical for use in many applications, including in most cars and trucks. The engine requires some time to warm up before it can produce useful power. The engine can not change its power output quickly.

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