Is apex locator useful?

Is apex locator useful?

Apex locators are electronic instruments used in endodontics that measure the impedance, frequency and resistance of the surrounding material in order to locate the working length of the root canal to be endodontized. Correct determination of tooth length is a crucial factor for the success of endodontic therapy.

How accurate are apex locators in endodontics?

Although in the ranges 0.1 and ±0.25 mm the ApexPointer had the highest accuracy, the rank analysis showed that 39% of the measurements were beyond the foramen (Figs 4 and 6). There were no significant differences between the various types of teeth and root canals.

What does an apex locator measure?

An electronic apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space.

Who invented apex locator?

Current history would have you believe that the evolution and development of the electronic apex locator for use during root canal procedures emanated from the work of Suzuki in 1942, which was developed as a product by Sunada in 1962.

What is the apex of the tooth?

Apexification is named after the part of the tooth it treats, the apex, also known as the base of the tooth root. The roots of your teeth extend under the gum and into the jawbone. They contain the blood vessels and nerve fibers that keep the tooth alive.

How does apex locator measure work length?

The best working length is found by subtracting approximately 0.5 mm from the length obtained with the apex locator. It is important to know that there is potential for interference of an electronic apex locator with a patient’s cardiac pacemaker function.

What is the apex in dentistry?

What is Apex root?

The root apical meristem, or root apex, is a small region at the tip of a root in which all cells are capable of repeated division and from which all primary root tissues are derived.

How do you measure working length in RCT?

There are several ways to determine the working length of the root canal viz radiographs, electronic apex locators, tactile sense, patient response, knowledge and experience, predetermined normal tooth length, use of paper points, mathematical equations etc.

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