Is Girsan 1911 a good gun?

Is Girsan 1911 a good gun?

While the 1911 is not my favorite pistol design, I freely admit it is one of the better feeling guns when held. It has a pleasing heft and a grip that just seems right. The Girsan is well balanced and points naturally. I found the accuracy to be excellent with this pistol.

Is Girsan reliable?

The Girsan magazine was reliable and easy to load. Speed loads were very fast. Recoil was modest — as it should be in a handgun this size and weight firing the 9mm Luger cartridge. I fired the pistol for absolute accuracy at 25 yards….On the Range.

Load 3-Shot Group
Speer 124-grain Gold Dot +P 3.1 Inches

Are Tisas 1911 cast or forged?

Conclusion: Tisas 1911 GI . 45. The Tisas is an all-steel — forged, not cast — pistol with the outline and performance of a traditional GI pistol.

Are SDS imports guns any good?

As someone who has been shooting and carrying an M1911 for 35 years now, I have absolutely no reservations recommending this version from SDS Imports. Strike-fired, polymer framed guns run well and they are fun, but if you are looking for something historical that you can shoot, this pistol is worth a hard look.

Who uses SAR9?

In addition to supplying firearms to the Turkish National Police and the Turkish Armed Forces, it exports its products to nearly eighty countries including Turkey’s NATO partners and other nations around the world.

Is SDS a good 1911?

We enjoyed our time with the SDS Imports 1911 A1 US Army pistol, as it was easy to shoot and more accurate than some evaluators were expecting it to be, especially given its low MSRP.

Are SDS 1911 any good?

Is the Girsan mc1911 SC ultimate the ultimate 1911?

The Girsan MC1911 SC Ultimate, imported by European American Amory, defies some conventions, but Girsan’s line of 1911 pistols feature a broad enough variety of configurations and finishes to satisfy even the most discerning John Moses Browning disciple.

Is the Girsan sport 1911 Worth the money?

The particular model that caught my eye was their 1911 clone, with an extended beavertail grip safety and flashlight rail, designated the “sport” model. After perusing Girsan’s website, and reading what the “tacticool” forums had to say about their 1911s, I decided it was worth risking the $452-investment.

Is the Girsan commander a good pistol?

The Girsan Commander meets or exceeds all standards for a 1911 design semi-auto pistol. It is well made and put together, functions flawlessly and is very accurate. It is offered with easily interchangeable red dot or open sights and has an under-barrel rail for attaching accessories.

Is the mc1911 SC ultimate the best officer-length 1911?

The MC1911 SC Ultimate, introduced in 2019, is an Officer-length 1911 that features a number of custom touches normally found in higher-end custom guns, only without the attendant price tag. If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a 1911, and if there’s a second thing, it’s a 1911 that’s affordable on a paramedic’s budget.

Is Girsan 1911 forged or cast?

1911 aficionados know a great 1911 when they see it and the Girsan MC1911SC (Officer) is certainly one of them. Excellent fit and finish, superb handling and performance all built on an aluminum forged frame.

Are Girsan guns any good?

The gun runs and runs well. Accuracy testing with Nosler Match Ammunition was also good. Not the best groups we’ve ever shot, but certainly good enough especially considering the low MSRP of the Girsan which makes no claims of being a match pistol.

Does EAA make a good 1911?

The Witness Elite 1911 Polymer exhibited excellent accuracy, with all loads tested averaging near 1.5″ groups at 25 yds. The clean sight picture of the gun, combined with its crisp, 4-lb.

Is SDS 1911 Good?

Where are Girsan pistols made?

GİRSAN is a Turkish firearm manufacturing company, mainly focused on manufacturing pistols….GİRSAN.

Type Private
Industry Firearms
Founded 1993
Headquarters Giresun, Turkey
Products Firearms, weapons

Who makes Girsan?

GİRSAN is a Turkish firearm manufacturing company, mainly focused on manufacturing pistols. Its firearms are used worldwide by civilians, police and armies….GİRSAN.

Type Private
Products Firearms, weapons

Does Girsan regard take Beretta mags?

While the Regard certainly does not take Glock magazines it is directly compatible with all Beretta 92 magazines. The same is true in reverse with the Girsan Regard magazines being compatible with Beretta 92 handguns.

Who imports Girsan firearms?

Chiappa Firearms imports their M9, MC14 and MC27 lines from Girsan.

Are EAA good guns?

Chrome-finished, the EAA Tanfoglio Witness Elite Stock 2 is a great choice for competitive shooters looking for an affordable pistol to get started in USPSA Production division. With an overall weight of 2.69 pounds and 8-inch overall length, this hefty 9 mm can manage recoil well.

Is there a polymer 1911?

A beavertail grip safety and flat mainspring housing are among this pistol’s many popular features. The Witness Elite 1911 Polymer comes with a single eight-round magazine, a trigger lock, a small plastic hard case, and a suggested retail price of $580.

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