Is JBW a quality watch?

Is JBW a quality watch?

The consensus among JBW watch enthusiasts is that they are generally very well-made as far as quality goes. That said, because JBW offers so many different styles, durability will largely depend on the material makeup (stainless steel or gold) and the ‘tier’ of a given watch.

What does JBW watches stand for?

Just Bling Watch
You can say that watchmaking is in Amir Meghani’s blood. The young entrepreneur, who founded JBW (Just Bling Watch) in 2008, hails from a family of horologists—his father and grandfather revolutionized the watch industry in Dubai, before moving to America in the 1990s with hopes of extending the family business.

Who is the owner of JBW watches?

Amir Meghani
It’s not every day that you get to meet a man who makes his own diamond watches, but then it’s not every day you meet Amir Meghani. Keen to own his own watch company, 10 years ago Meghani launched JBW Watches.

Is JBW a luxury brand?

Swiss watchmaking – JBW ensures “luxury quality” for the build and construction of each and every one of its watches. All of the watches are fitted with excellent water-resistant chronometric parts that adhere to all the standard criteria of specifications.

Is diamond Selector accurate?

Even better, visual reading of the tester or a beeping sound makes work easier. Thermal conductivity testers rely on the fact that gemstones, glass, or cubic zirconia conduct heat differently. Therefore, diamond testers are always accurate about their findings.

Are JBW watches waterproof?

Is my timepiece waterproof? The water-resistance of a JBW timepiece ranges from 3-10ATM (30-100 meters), this can be found on your JBW case back or online under the SPECS of each model. We recommend taking off your watch before engaging in activities that may involve prolonged exposure to water.

What watch does Kanye West Wear?

Kanye has a gold Vacheron Constantin Chronograph that he was spotted wearing to the Grammy Awards. Considered among the “Holy Trinity of Swiss watchmakers” (along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet), Vacheron Constantin watches, and especially the Overseas, has been growing in popularity and value recently.

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