Is rochedale a good suburb?

Is rochedale a good suburb?

“A very desirable suburb to live in” Rochedale is a very shiny suburb, neat and clean, a very pleasant place to live. Mostly home owners are professional. Schools are great. Very close to CBD and major highways at doorsteps.

Is Rochedale South a good investment?

If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Rochedale South rent out for $500 PW with an annual rental yield of 3.9% and units rent for $360 PW with a rental yield of 5.7%. Based on five years of sales, Rochedale South has seen a compound growth rate of 29.2% for houses and 6.5% for units.

Is Rochedale South a good area?

Perfect place to raise a family, generally nice big block of lands (still some 900sqm lands), great investment as Eight Mile Plains is 5 min away and house prices there are +$100,000 more. Beautiful, modern playgrounds and parks, lot’s of green (mainly south side/Springwood side of Underwood Rd).

Is rochedale a suburb of Brisbane?

Rochedale is an outer southern suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Rochedale had a population of 3,175 people.

Is Rochedale expensive?

Property prices In 2018, you can expect to find (or list) Rochedale houses from $600,000 up to just under $2 million. Acreage properties with houses can sell for up to $5 million dollars – sometimes even more.

Is Daisy Hill a good suburb?

Daisy Hill is a great place for a family. The areas on the actual hill behind JPC up to the state forest are full of trees , wildlife and birds. It is a peaceful area where you can be out of the craziness of the inner city areas but have all the conveniences and connections you need. Safe and friendly.

Which council is Rochedale in?

Brisbane City Council
rochedale | Brisbane City Council.

What is the richest suburb in Brisbane?

1. Teneriffe – $2.5m. Teneriffe maintains its spot as the most expensive suburb in Brisbane into another quarter. With few houses in this inner city location, the median house price comes in at a whopping $2.5 million.

Is Logan a good place to live?

Considered one of the best suburbs in Logan, Logan Reserve saw a growth to the median house price by 6.8%, with a rental yield of 4.8%. The suburb has a 10 year annual average growth of 2.52% and has a 5 year average growth of 28.82%.

What is Shailer Park like to live in?

“Fantastic suburb, great for families” Moved with young family to Shailer Park recently. A great suburb with lovely houses and spacious well kept gardens. Fantastic views, stunning sunsets and beautiful birdsongs. Good blend of elderly residents and families, everyone seems friendly.

Where do rich live in Queensland?

Queensland’s super rich are most prevalent in the Ascot-Hamilton and Kenmore-Brookfield areas in Brisbane and up and down the Gold Coast, if registration data by postcode for super luxury cars – Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini – are a reliable indicator (see maps below and my post from Sunday for details …

What issues are occurring in Logan?

Community groups surveyed in Logan ESA ranked housing insecurity and homelessness; drug and alcohol dependency; and a lack of transport to access employment and services, as the most significant issues in the region.

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