Is Toyota Carina a good car?

Is Toyota Carina a good car?

Introduction. Reliable, comfortable, if largely unexciting, family transport doesn’t come much better than this. Toyota’s Carina E is around in solid numbers on the secondhand market and it’s a British-built car you can buy with real confidence.

What engine is in Toyota Carina?

The newly developed LASRE 1S engine, mounted on the Carina series, is a lightweight, compact, 4-cylinder, 1832 cc, OHC engine, with high power performance and excellent fuel efficiency. Maximum power output is 100 ps (at 5,400 rpm) and maximum torque is 15.5 kg·m (at 3,400 rpm).

Is Carina GT RWD?

The Carina RWD platform of two-door coupés, Carina Surf, and Carina Van continued to use the Toyota “A” series platform until 1988. The Carina continued to be exclusive in Japan to Toyota Store locations, while the Corona remained exclusive to Toyopet Store locations.

What replaced the Toyota Corona?

The Corona was ultimately replaced in Japan by the Toyota Premio, in Europe by the Toyota Avensis and in Asia-Pacific/Americas by the Toyota Camry. The nameplate “corona” derives from the Latin word for “crown”, the sedan taking its place just below Toyota’s similarly named flagship, the Toyota Crown.

Which year is Toyota Carina E?

This generation of the Toyota Carina E was produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota between 1992 – 1998. It’s a front engined front-wheel drive car and came as a hatchback, saloon or estate.

What engine is in Toyota Mark II?

The engine used is a DOHC “10R” based on 8R / 1,900cc (later renamed to 8R-G) with a maximum output of 140 PS (138.1 bhp) and a maximum speed of 200 km/h (124.3 mph).

When did the Toyota Carina come out?

The Toyota Carina (Japanese: トヨタ・コリナ, Toyota Karina) is an automobile which was manufactured by Toyota from December 1970 to December 2001.

What is the replacement for the Toyota Carina?

It was replaced in Japan by the Toyota Allion in 2000 and succeeded in Europe by the Toyota Avensis . The inspiration for the name Carina came from the constellation Carina, sharing a naming inspiration from the Celica, which is ultimately derived from the Latin word coelica meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”.

What kind of fuel injection does a Toyota Carina have?

Electronic fuel injection was made standard on all engines offered. The sixth-generation Carina appeared in August 1992 and was only available with a four-door sedan body style, while the five-door van/wagon models were replaced by the new Caldina. The size was also bigger than the previous model.

What kind of transmission does a Toyota Carina GT have?

The GT spec came with an optional manual transmission found in the AE101-AE111 Corolla Levin/Trueno of that period, which was a 5-speed manual transmission (C56-transmission series). In 1997, a Limited model equipped with few extra features was introduced, known as the “GT PIERNA”. This was the only Carina GT version to be offered in black.

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