What are extensible boom platforms?

What are extensible boom platforms?

1910.67(a)(4) Extensible Boom Platform An aerial device (except ladders) with a telescopic or extensible boom. Telescopic derricks with personnel platform attachments shall be considered to be extensible boom platforms when used with a personnel platform.

What is extended boom?

Telescopic Boom Lifts A telescopic boom lift has a mast that extends in a straight line by using one or more telescoping boom sections. This design gives you the vertical reach you need to access overhead jobs, while also providing outstanding horizontal reach.

How many types of manlift are there?

three types
There are three types of manlifts: self-propelled, push-around and belt-driven. All vary in size and specialization. Understanding the different types of manlifts can be a bit confusing. They all have similar features, but are used for different jobs.

What has a telescopic or extensible boom?

A telescopic boom lift, also called a stick boom or straight boom, has a boom that “telescopes” straight out from the boom hoist, which is attached to the lift chassis. Some models can reach as high as 185 feet, although the more common maximum range is in the neighborhood of 150 feet.

How much does a 60 boom lift weigh?

Telescopic Boom Lift The Genie S-60 J is compact, low-weight design (16,650 lb / 7,550 kg) keeps ground pressure low when operators are working in more sensitive ground conditions.

What is the difference between a boom lift and a manlift?

However, boom lifts have several different features than traditional manlifts. Boom lifts can attach to work trucks and other vehicles to lift materials overhead. The jib (arm extension) can be telescopic or articulating, providing a greater range of motion than manlifts for working at difficult angles.

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