What are Rex Specs good for?

What are Rex Specs good for?

They help to protect your dogs eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. All Rex Specs lenses block out 99.9 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays and are great for dogs with eye conditions such as Pannus (aka chronic superficial keratitis) or those who have sunburn sensitivity around their eyes.

Do goggles help dogs with cataracts?

How Dog Sunglasses Could Benefit Your Pooch. Just because dog sunglasses aren’t essential doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful. For older dogs with cataracts, blurred vision or certain eye conditions, sunglasses can enhance visual clarity, making outdoor time safer and more fun.

What are Rex Specs made of?

All Rex Specs lenses are made of 100% polycarbonate. They are durable, flexible and provide the necessary UVA/UVB protection.

Do dogs need Rex Specs?

They’re our companions, friends, and family. So for those that are at risk for sunburn, pannus, or other exposure-related eye conditions, Rex Specs can help your pup live a long, healthy, adventurous life.

Where do dogs go to the bathroom on a boat?

Almost every boat with a dog has a piece of carpet or Astroturf somewhere on deck as the designated “spot.” (See our favorite from Amazon, as it’s designed to be rinsed off.)

Why do German shepherds wear goggles?

‘Doggles’ Sunglasses Help Protect Dogs With Pannus From Harmful UV Rays. German Shepherds have a higher chance of developing pannus, a condition that can lead to blindness. Dogs living in areas with a high UV index are at increased risk.

Are Rex Specs waterproof?

Are they watertight? It would be almost impossible for Rex Specs™ to keep all of the water out of dog’s eyes. Creating a watertight seal against fur/hair is nearly impossible. They are however, splash proof – so they do keep most water out.

Is it bad for dogs to wear glasses?

Some breeds are at a higher risk than others for developing eye problems, so may benefit from wearing protective eyewear. Blind dogs and dogs exposed to harsh conditions—like working dogs—may also be good candidates. Here’s a look at why your dog may need to wear sunglasses or other dog eye protection.

Why do police dogs wear goggles?

Goggles provide UV protection so that a dog’s time outdoors does not need to be limited or restricted. Dogs that are deployed from helicopters (MWDs, Police K9s, Search and Rescue, etc.) or that live and work in areas with lots of particulates use goggles to help protect from foreign objects getting into the eye.

Do dogs get seasick on boats?

A. Dogs get motion sickness when the inner ear gets jangled, causing nausea and dizziness. Motion sickness is more common in puppies, and many dogs outgrow it in part because they enjoy being out in the car — or boat, in your case — so much.

Can you live on a boat with a dog?

Well, salty sailors and their pirate pooches can rejoice — it’s absolutely possible for dogs to live on boats, so you and your pet can sail the seven seas together.

What are Rex specs made of?

How do you clean Rex specs?

We use it with the Rex Specs pack and have pretty good luck when old man winter turns the thermostat down.

  1. Pour a small amount of mild (liquid) dish soap on to a soft cloth.
  2. Apply the soap to the inside of the lens and let it “dry.”
  3. Buff off the soap residue with a dry soft cloth just enough to provide a clear vision.

Do military dogs use night vision?

It’s no big secret that Navy SEALs have been using canines with infrared cameras & night vision equipment on military raids. Most famously, the Belgian Malinois named “Cairo” who was part of the Elite SEAL Team 6 who double-tapped Osama Bin Laden into the afterlife.

How do dogs poop on boats?

The Key to Training Your Dog to Poop and Pee on the Boat Almost every boat with a dog has a piece of carpet or Astroturf somewhere on deck as the designated “spot.” (See our favorite from Amazon, as it’s designed to be rinsed off.)

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