What are smooth bore nozzles used for?

What are smooth bore nozzles used for?

Smooth Bore Fire Nozzles Smooth bore nozzles also use the lowest engine pump pressures, allowing for maximum reach. Smooth bore nozzles are often referred to as solid bore nozzles because they produce a solid stream to provide maximum reach and penetration to the seat of the fire.

What is a TFT nozzle?

The TFT handline nozzle is fully automatic with a flow capacity of 95-300 GPM. Includes pressure assist flush without shutting down, patented slide type valve for turbulence free nozzleman flow control, six detent flow positions, molded rubber bumper with “power fog” teeth, and “Gasket Grabber” inlet screen.

What are advantages of large bore straight stream nozzles?

Smooth bore nozzles outperform fog nozzles in that they have more operational benefits, which include: greater reach and better penetration. less nozzle reaction except for the 50-psi fog nozzle. less likelihood of being clogged by debris.

How do you calculate nozzle reaction?

The nozzle reaction is found to be: R = ρ Q 2 / A2 , where A2 is the discharge diameter, Q is the volumetric flow rate, R is the magnitude of the nozzle reaction, and r is the water density. This equation shows that the reaction is proportional to the flow rate squared, divided by the nozzle diameter.

What nozzles does FDNY use?

Response: The predominate nozzle used by FDNY engine companies is a smooth- bore controlling nozzle with stacked outer stream tips ranging in size from 1 1/8- If you are a current subscriber, login here to access this content.

What is an advantage of a fog nozzle?

Fog nozzles play an important part in firefighting tactics due to their versatility. The wide variety of fog nozzle manufacturers allows them to accommodate different sizes of fire hose—most often attack hand line—and streams and are capable in both fire protection and attack.

What nozzles do firefighters use?

The fire nozzle is an important part of the firefighting system….There are five basic nozzle types:

  • the solid bore.
  • the single gallonage (sometimes called variable pressure/variable flow)
  • the adjustable gallonage.
  • the automatic or constant pressure.

How much nozzle reaction can a firefighter handle?

Since nozzle reaction is dictated by a combination of pressure and flow, it serves as the perfect point in the discussion to bring the two together. With the finding that our firefighters felt most comfortable handling about 50 pounds of nozzle reaction, we had a starting point.

What do you pump a fog nozzle at?

Conventional fog nozzles have a fixed or selectable gpm setting. These settings correspond to a particular discharge orifice, or tip size. In order for a conventional nozzle with a fixed opening to operate at the correct nozzle pressure of 100 psi, the proper gpm flow must be supplied.

What is the purpose of TFT?

A TFT is used in both direct and indirect capture as a base for the image receptor in medical radiography. As of 2013, all modern high-resolution and high-quality electronic visual display devices use TFT-based active matrix displays.

What is TFT full form?

A display screen made with TFT (thin-film transistor) technology is a liquid crystal display (LCD), common in notebook and laptop computers, that has a transistor for each pixel (that is, for each of the tiny elements that control the illumination of your display).

How do TFT automatic nozzles work?

The automatic nozzle uses a principle very similar to that of a pumper relief valve. A highly dependable spring, connected to the baffle that forms the discharge orifice, is balanced against the water pressure in the nozzle. The pressure-control spring senses any increase or decrease in pressure within the nozzle.

What is a vortex nozzle?

Monitor Nozzle: TFT’s VORTEX® enhances the use of a smooth bore nozzle. It is intended for installation behind a smooth bore nozzle for use with water or firefighting foam solutions. Six short vanes in the bore of the VORTEX reduce turbulence in straight stream.

What is a TFT smooth bore?

Engineered with a smooth, tapered waterway, TFT’s smooth bore tips provide the stream quality, reach, and penetration that you have come to expect from a traditional smooth bore.

What is a monitor nozzle?

Monitor Nozzle: TFT’s VORTEX® enhances the use of a smooth bore nozzle. It is intended for installation behind a smooth bore nozzle for use with water or firefighting foam solutions.

What is a TFT vortex?

About the Vortex The TFT VORTEX ® enhances the use of smooth bores and stacked tips by giving firefighter the capability to add a dispersed pattern when needed. It is available as a handheld nozzle or master stream nozzle for monitors.

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