What are the traditional abbreviations for the provinces of Canada?

What are the traditional abbreviations for the provinces of Canada?

Apart from the postal abbreviations, there are no officially designated traditional (or standard) abbreviations for the provinces. Natural Resources Canada, however, maintains a list of such abbreviations which are recommended for “general purpose use” and are also used in other official contexts, such as the census conducted by Statistics Canada.

What is the abbreviation for Nova Scotia?

It’s located west of New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast and has these abbreviations: 1 NS – Postal abbreviation for Nova Scotia 2 N.S. – English abbreviation for Nova Scotia 3 N.-É. – French abbreviation for Nouvelle-Écosse

What are the abbreviations of Italian regions and provinces?

Standard Abbreviations of Italian Regions and Provinces 1 Provinces ABR – Abruzzo 2 CH – Chieti 3 AQ – L’Aquila 4 PE – Pescara 5 TE – Teramo BAS – Basilicata 6 MT – Matera 7 PZ – Potenza CAL – Calabria 8 CS – Cosenza 9 CZ – Catanzaro 10 KR – Crotone Più articoli…

What is the abbreviation for Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan: SK: Sask. Sask. Yukon: YT: Yuk. Yn YK is common but not official. It is used as the second-level country code domain . ISO-3166-2 lists YT as official.

What are the provinces and territories of Canada?

Provinces and territories of Canada. The provinces and territories of Canada are the sub-national governments within the geographical areas of Canada under the authority of the Canadian Constitution. In the 1867 Canadian Confederation, three provinces of British North America — New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,…

What were the old provinces of Canada called?

Prior to this, Ontario and Quebec were united as the Province of Canada. Over the following years, Manitoba (1870), British Columbia (1871), and Prince Edward Island (1873) were added as provinces.

What do the acronyms in Canadian postal codes mean?

Canadian provincial and territorial postal acronyms are used by Canada Post in a code system consisting of two capital letters, to represent the 13 provinces and territories on addressed mail. These acronyms allow automated sorting.

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