What are the translation available in Drupal?

What are the translation available in Drupal?

The four core Drupal translation modules available : Language module. Content translation module. Interface translation module. Configuration translation module.

How do I Translate a menu in Drupal?

Translate a menu element Go to “Structure >> Menu”. Click the “Edit Menu” in front of the menu name. List of the menu links will be displayed on the page. Click the “Translate” option in front of the menu item you want to translate.

How do I Translate a view in Drupal 9?

In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Configuration > Regional and Language > Configuration translation (admin/config/regional/config-translation). Click List in the Views row. Click Translate in the Recipes row. Click Add in the Spanish row.

How do I Translate a page in Drupal?

In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Content (admin/content). Locate the home page. You can search for it by entering “Home” in the title field. Select Translate from the dropdown button in the row of the Home content item.

What is content translation?

What is content translation? Content translation is the process of adapting existing content designed to attract, engage, and retain a particular audience—e.g., blog posts, white papers, videos, podcasts, newsletters, social posts, etc. —for another language or geographic market.

What is interface translation?

Interface translation is the process in which every sentence, details, information, and guidelines on a website are translated. In computer language, every translatable content on a website is called a ‘string’. Identifying and translating a string is not something that just about everyone can do.

How do you translate a block title in Drupal?

Overriding the block title in panels:

  1. Home > Administration > Configuration > Regional and language.
  2. Go to Configuration translation > Page Variant (/admin/config/regional/config-translation/page_variant)
  3. Select the variant name to translate.
  4. Select the language to translate to and set translation content.

Which is the process of translating posts to Spanish language in Drupal?

Select a content type you want translated, and select “edit”, then “Workflow settings” for Drupal 6 or “Publishing options” for Drupal 7. At the “Multilingual support” section, select “Enabled, with translation”. Be sure to save each content type after enabling multilingual support.

What is a translation module?

The Content Translation module allows you to translate content, comments, custom blocks, taxonomy terms, users and other content entities. Together with the modules Language, Configuration Translation, and Interface Translation, it allows you to build multilingual websites.

How do I translate a paragraph in Drupal 8?

To correctly enable the translation of paragraphs, click paragraphs on top of the “Content language” page (admin/config/regional/content-language) then scroll down (without saving!) to the Paragraphs section of the page and, for each paragraph type, check the fields you want to enable translation for.

How do I enable multilingual in Drupal 8?

Step to Make your Drupal 8 Site Multilingual

  1. Enabling the Modules. Install Drupal on your system.
  2. Adding Languages. The most important module is the language.
  3. Enabling Language Negotiation.
  4. Placing the Language Switch Block.
  5. Translating the Interface.
  6. Translating the Content.
  7. Config Translation.

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