What are the types of breakdown in pn junction diode?

What are the types of breakdown in pn junction diode?

Hint: There are two types of breakdowns in p-n junctions. Avalanche breakdown occurs due to the rapid collision of electrons with other atoms. Zener breakdown occurs because of the high electric field. Zener breakdown is the controlled version of Avalanche breakdown in a modified p-n junction.

What is meant by breakdown of pn junction?

semiconductor devices In semiconductor device: The p-n junction. …is referred to as the junction breakdown, usually a nondestructive phenomenon if the resulting power dissipation is limited to a safe value.

How many types of PN are there?

There are two kinds of Photodiodes – PN and PIN photodiodes. The difference is in their performance. The PIN photodiode has an intrinsic layer, so it must be reverse biased. As a result of reverse biasing, the width of the depletion region increases, and the capacitance of the p-n junction decreases.

What is pn junction PPT?

PN junction can basically work in two modes, (A battery is connected to the diode ) forward bias mode ( positive terminal connected to p-region and negative terminal connected to n region) reverse bias mode ( negative terminal connected to p-region and positive terminal connected to n region)

What are the types of breakdown?

Different Types of Breakdown Diodes and their Applications

  • Breakdown Diodes.
  • Zener Diode.
  • PN Junction Breakdown Diode.
  • Zener Breakdown Diode.
  • Avalanche Breakdown.

What is zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown?

Zener Breakdown vs Avalanche Breakdown Zener breakdown occurs because of the high electric field. The avalanche breakdown occurs because of the collision of free electrons with atoms. Both these breakdowns can occur simultaneously.

What is breakdown in diode?

Breakdown voltage is a parameter of a diode that defines the largest reverse voltage that can be applied without causing an exponential increase in the leakage current in the diode. Exceeding the breakdown voltage of a diode, per se, is not destructive; although, exceeding its current capacity will be.

What is PN diode its types?

Inside a semiconductor, a p-n junction is an interface or a border between two semiconductor material types, namely the p-type and the n-type. The semiconductor’s p-side, or positive side, has an excess of holes, whereas the n-side, or negative side, has an excess of electrons.

What are the three main types of diodes?

Types of Diodes

  • Light Emitting Diode.
  • Laser diode.
  • Avalanche diode.
  • Zener diode.
  • Schottky diode.
  • Photodiode.
  • PN junction diode.

What is reverse bias and forward bias?

In a standard diode, forward biasing occurs when the voltage across a diode permits the natural flow of current, whereas reverse biasing denotes a voltage across the diode in the opposite direction.

What is depletion region?

The word depletion in English refers to the decrease in the quantity of something. Similarly, in semiconductors, the depletion region is the layer where the flow of charges decreases. This region acts as the barrier that opposes the flow of electrons from the n-side to the p-side of the semiconductor diode.

What are the different breakdown mechanism in a diode?

The Avalanche Breakdown and Zener Breakdown are two different mechanisms by which a PN junction breaks. The Zener and Avalanche breakdown both occur in diode under reverse bias.

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