What do you print water bottle labels on?

What do you print water bottle labels on?

Popular in the food and beverage markets, glossy water bottle labels can be printed on white film or semi-gloss paper. Both options work well for water bottle labels, however, semi-gloss paper tends to be more popular since it’s a cost-effective material that has comparable print quality and luster.

What size label do I need for a water bottle?

2” x 8.5”
bottles usually need 2” x 8.5” for a full-wrap label, while a 2” x 4” label is perfect for a half-wrap. Do keep in mind that bottle shapes and sizes themselves vary between manufacturers.

What size label do I need?

To find the correct label size: Measure the entire circumference of the labeling surface with a flexible tape measure. If a tape measure isn’t handy, simply wind a piece of paper around the labeling surface and mark the spot where it overlaps; then, measure from the edge of the paper to your mark with a ruler.

How do you line up labels on bottles?

Hold the label firmly on both ends and align it with the area of the bottle you want it placing. When you’re sure of the placing, press the middle of the label down. Then press it from the centre outwards to the left, then the centre outwards to the right. Smooth it down and the label should be successfully in place.

What size should a neck label be?

Labels can be made in any size but the most common dimensions are: Width: 42 – 46mm. Length: 50mm.

Where can I make labels for bottles?

StickerGiant prints labels for bottles, and our Customer Success Team can help you choose which type will work best for you. You can choose from Glossy White, Clear, Matte, and Glossy or Matte Paper Label options to find a type that matches your products perfectly.

What is the correct size of labels and packaging requirements?

It is best to check with your chosen delivery service to make sure that you create a shipping label of the right size. In addition, below are the common label options for domestic and international shipping labels: Domestic: 4” x 5”, 4” x 6”, 4” x 8” International: 4” x 6”

How do I stop my labels from bubbling?

How to Avoid Clear Label Bubbling

  1. Step 1: Purchase high-quality containers.
  2. Step 2: Clean your containers thoroughly from dust with a quick wipe down.
  3. Step 3: Machine apply your labels to avoid air entrapment.
  4. Step 4: Apply steady and even pressure using rollers across the entire label surface.

Where can I get blank bottle labels?

When you need your bottle labels on-demand or you just need a smaller quantity, Avery printable labels are the answer. And now you can order your blank labels online by the sheet with no minimum orders. Buy one sheet or one thousand, customize online and print your labels from a laser or inkjet printer.

Why choose Avery weprint for bottle labels?

With Avery WePrint you get premium bottle labels professionally printed on industry-leading digital printers. We have no extra charges for setup, plates or dies. Also no extra charges for custom sizes or shapes. WePrint labels come on sheets and rolls for hand and machine applications.

How can I customize the labels on my bottles?

Or try our foil paper labels to give your bottles an elegant look and feel. You can personalize your labels using our free templates and designs or upload your own logo or personal artwork to showcase the product inside your bottles.

How much does it cost to buy label sheets?

Purchase by the sheet or in bulk. Over 300+ material and size combinations. As low as $0.11 per sheet. We uniquely sell label sheets in any quantity you want or need. You might need 10 sheets, 57 sheets, 239 sheets or a 1000 sheets – BUY WHAT YOU NEED. The more you need of each size, the more you save.

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