What documents can a landlord ask for in Alberta?

What documents can a landlord ask for in Alberta?

Landlords are permitted to ask for credit history and previous landlord references. However, landlords cannot use this information in a discriminatory fashion. For example, a person could make a human rights complaint against a landlord who only asks for credit information from a particular ethnic group.

What documents do I need for tenancy application?

First Time Tenants

  • Verification of employment.
  • Verification of income.
  • Reference from employer or fellow staff member.
  • Reference from neighbour/teacher/business person/doctor/accountant.
  • Photo identification – driver’s licence/passport/student ID.
  • Personal references – these should not be from relatives.

What should a rental application letter include?

The Perfect Rental Application

  1. Personal Information.
  2. Previous Tenancy.
  3. Employment Information.
  4. Credit History.
  5. Living Habits.
  6. References.
  7. Emergency Contact Information.

Can landlord ask for credit check?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal for landlords to perform credit checks on prospective renters. However, landlords can only perform credit checks with your written consent. Here’s why. When a landlord performs a credit check, it’s considered a hard credit inquiry.

Can landlords ask for bank statements?

Allowed. Landlords can ask for income information, credit checks, credit references and rental history.

How do you make a good rental application?

How to write a rental application

  1. Personal details (name, gender, age, number of children, number of pets, smoker status, number of vehicles and any other relevant details).
  2. Education level.
  3. Employment status and details.
  4. Salary.
  5. Rental history.
  6. Contact details (phone and email).
  7. Bring a copy of this to the inspection.

Is a landlord allowed to ask for bank statements?

Can landlord check bank balance?

In California, one of the pieces of information the landlord can ask for is your bank balance. You can, however, refuse to hand over confidential information.

How do I make sure my rental application stands out?

It is important to include:

  1. Rental history.
  2. Current or previous employment.
  3. Parental guarantee letters if you are a student receiving money from your parents.
  4. Information on pets if you have them.
  5. Info on who will be renting with you and how many months you would like to lease the property.
  6. Any references that are valid.

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