What does cuerno mean in Spanish slang?

What does cuerno mean in Spanish slang?

“poner cuernos a alguien” = to cheat on someone In English the formal way would be “to have an affair” and the informal “to cheat on someone”.

What does JATO mean in Spanish slang?

masculine noun. ternero) calf. Caribbean) (= perro) stray dog ⧫ mongrel.

What is Kiki in Spanish?

masculine noun. joint (very informal) ⧫ reefer (very informal)

Why is it called cuerno de chivo?

Known as the “Cuerno de Chivo,” or “Goat’s Horn,” in Mexico, because of its curved magazine, this is the Mexican criminal syndicates’ most popular weapon.

What is a cuerno de chivo called?

Literally, “goat’s horn”.

What does PATA mean in Peru?

the leg or paw of an animal
Pata in standard Spanish means the leg or paw of an animal (pierna is only used for human legs). However, this is the Peruvian slang replacement for amigo (friend).

What does Comalli mean in Spanish?

griddle, a round disk over a fire for cooking tortillas.

What is a comal used for?

A comal is really something every household should have. It’s a smooth, flat metal griddle, often cast iron but also a flat metal or even clay, used to heat up tortillas, toast spices or roast peppers and other vegetables. You may also see it identified as a plancha.

Is Kiki a girl name?

Kiki is a unisex given name, a nickname and a surname.

Why is an AK called a cuerno de chivo?

What is a Kamal for cooking?

A comal is a pan of sorts that is used for cooking a variety of items. It is made of cast iron and is very heavy. When you cook with it, you don’t move it at all, as you might with a wok or a regular light-weight pan. It can come in round shapes or in longer, oblong shapes.

Why is it called a comal?

Comales were also used to toast cacao beans. The word “comal” comes from the Aztec Nahuatl word comalli. Originally they were thin ceramic pieces, with slightly raised edges. They are found at archaeological sites throughout Central America, with the earliest examples dating to 700 BCE.

Who invented the comal?

COMAL (Common Algorithmic Language) is a computer programming language developed in Denmark by Børge R. Christensen and Benedict Løfstedt and originally released in 1975. COMAL was one of the few structured programming languages that was available for and comfortably usable on 8-bit home computers.

What is Ken in French slang?

French Translation. ken. More French words for ken. la connaissance noun. knowledge, acquaintance, knowing, familiarity, information.

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