What does Puffing Billy mean?

What does Puffing Billy mean?

steam locomotive
noun. A steam locomotive or steam train; also in extended use. The first steam locomotive to run successfully on rails was built by William Hedley for use at Wylam colliery, Northumberland, in 1813, and was apparently named ‘Puffing Billy’ at or soon after this date.

How long does Puffing Billy go for?

around 1 hour and 50 minutes
If a joyous train ride through beautiful hills is your idea of fun, the Puffing Billy Railway tour is perfect for you. The rail journey from Puffing Billy station is 25 km long and it takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach the last destination of this trip, Gembrook station .

What do you wear to Puffing Billy?

Clothing. It’s important to remember all the carriages are open-air so dress as if you’re spending the day outdoors. It also tends to be a few degrees cooler in the Dandenong Ranges than in the city, so it’s best to take that into account when deciding what to wear aboard Puffing Billy.

Can dogs go on Puffing Billy?

Accommodating one dog per booking, all furry travellers will enjoy a 40-minute journey through the unspoilt Wright State Forest, over three historic timber trestle bridges – including the tallest on the entire line at 60 metres long and 15 metres high – and past Cockatoo and Fielder station as the train climbs towards …

How many stations are there on the Puffing Billy Railway?

Puffing Billy Railway has six stations. The first station on the Puffing Billy train route is Belgrave. All Puffing Billy trains start their journeys at Belgrave, and their final destinations are either Lakeside station or Gembrook station. Most people start their Puffing Billy experience from the Belgrave station.

How far is Puffing Billy from Belgrave?

As Puffing Billy is a single rail line, it is only at stations such as Menzies Creek, where you can view trains pass by. 6km (3.75 miles) from Belgrave. Altitude 303.6 m (996 feet).

How long does it take to get to Gembrook from Belgrave?

A Puffing Billy starting from Belgrave station reaches the Gembrook Station in one hour and 50 minutes. From Lakeside station, the train takes only 40 minutes to reach Gembrook. The Billy trains usually stop for an hour or so to allow visitors to explore the small town.

How do I get to Puffing Billy?

From Melbourne, you can get to Puffing Billy in an hour, and your transport options are – public transport, by car or as part of a day tour. From Melbourne CBD board a Belgrave line train, which leaves from Flinders Street Station.

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