What is a blue KC plan?

What is a blue KC plan?

Blue KC make it easy for individuals and families to buy quality, affordable health plans through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Because nothing should stand in the way of getting the quality coverage you need.

Is BCBS of Kansas the same as BCBS of Kansas City?

An entity that provides health insurance coverage in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area including Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas. BCBSKC operates independently of other BCBS Plans.

What does Blue Cross logo mean?

Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield depict themselves as holy providers of wisdom and life saving services, while using the rod of Asclepios as a symbol of their dedication to health.

What is timely filing for BCBS KC?

Primary In the Blue KC Physician Network Agreement, we ask that claims be filed within 30 days of the date of service but no later than 180 days in order to be considered for payment.

What is the meaning of Blue Cross?

a nonprofit health insurance organization offering hospitalization and medical benefits to subscribers, esp. to groups of employees and their families.

What is the phone number for BCBS of KC?

You may also call the Customer Service department at 816-395-2583 or 800-645-8346.

How do I cancel my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance in Kansas?

Call us: 1-800-432-3990 (toll-free) (785) 291-4180 (in Topeka)

Who is the founder of Blue Cross?

V. SundaramBlue Cross of India / Founder

What does Blue Shield mean?

The Blue Shield is a protective symbol to be used in armed conflict to identify cultural property to be protected in the event of armed conflict and those responsible for protecting it: its use is restricted under international law.

Why is the blue color used to design the logo?

On the other hand, we know that the blue color represents the bond of relationship. Therefore when we add the virtues of the color blue and the social media platform, we can easily recognize why the company has selected the blue color to design their logo.

Why is Hewlett-Packard’s logo blue?

Having a Blue logo means a lot. Hewlett-Packard is also having an adorable blue logo. The logo is designed ion the demand base of the customers. But why the Blue logo. The answer is that blue is the symbol of trustworthiness. In addition to that that the blue color associates the locality and the reliability.

What company has a blue logo?

Lowe’s: is also one of the top brand that goes for the Blue color logo. The reason behind to select the blue color represents the sensibility, inspiration, sincerity. Lawless is the company which serves their customer’s service with maximum sincerity. The company binds the capacity of authorization among the customers.

How do I choose a blue color for my Logo?

Start by browsing Looka’s curated collection of blue logos, and see how the world’s biggest brands build blue into their logo designs. Next, find a shade of blue that suits your brand, by exploring some of our recommended blue color codes. Finally, look through our favorite blue color schemes, to find a color pairing that will make your logo pop.

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