What is a Chinese dragon mask?

What is a Chinese dragon mask?

The masks represent the deities, spirits and fabled animals that Chinese New Year mythology originated from. This one is the famous dragon of the New Year’s parade. Because of the huge Chinese diaspora you can see them in many countries around the world.

What color is a Chinese dragon mask?

2Color the mask. Red and yellow are popular colors for Chinese dragons but you can always try other color combinations.

What is dragon mask used for?

Chinese dragons are famous in Chinese folklore and are often used as symbols of celebration. You could use these masks in a lesson to tell the Chinese new year story and commemorate the Chinese culture.

What do Chinese masks represent?

In Chinese culture masks were thought of as being a form of communication between mortal men and the immortal gods. They were thought to bring blessings, drive away evil spirits, ward off diseases and protect the owner from various disasters.

How are Chinese dragon costumes made?

The dragon dance costume is made of various materials like grass, bamboo, paper, and cloth. The dragon body is woven in a round and tubular shape using thin bamboo strips, segment-by-segment, and covered with a huge red cloth with dragon scales decorating it.

What are traditional Chinese masks called?

Some examples of Chinese masks include exorcising masks, sorcerer’s mask, Tibetan masks, Shamanic masks, theatrical masks and New Year’s Eve masks. In Chinese culture individual colors represent different characteristics.

What are Chinese dragon costumes made of?

How do you make a Chinese dragon chain out of paper?


  1. Cut construction paper into 1 inch wide strips.
  2. Tape or glue two ends of the paper strip together to make a loop.
  3. Take another piece of construction paper to create your dragon head.
  4. Cut out the dragon head and glue it to the first loop of the dragon body.
  5. Glue on feathers wherever you please on the dragon.

What are Chinese masks called?

How are Chinese opera masks made?

The modern Chinese Opera uses masks to depict traits and characteristics of the role that is being played. These masks are made from various materials: stones, metals, leather, cloth, paper, grass, etc. They are also painted in different ways too, with different color schemes and designs.

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