What is CA membership number status?

What is CA membership number status?

Members can also check the status of their membership through the IVR System at 022-33671400 and selecting options as follows (1) Dial 1 for Auto System Reply, (2) For Member Dial 1, (3) To continue in English, Press 1, (4) For Membership Related Press 1, (5) Enter 6 Digit Membership Number, (6) Confirm it by dialling …

What is ICAI membership certificate?

A qualified CA is required to make an application for the CA Membership to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India after clearing both groups of CA final exams and completion of articleship and GMCS training. The application is made in Form no. 2.

What is SRN number in CA?

Student Registration Number
The ICAI members and CA students can log in to the SSP through their Member Registration Number (MRN)/Student Registration Number (SRN). Even new candidates who do not have an SRN and want to register in the CA course can log in to the SSP.

How can I get ICAI membership certificate?

The concerned member has paid annual membership/certificate of practice fees (if holds certificate of practice) for the current year within the specified time. Request is to be sent to: [email protected] under your signature or Scanned copy of request may accompany the other documentation.

How long is ICAI membership valid?

Members may also pay total fees in advance for Membership/COP in exact amount for 10 years (1+9 years) along with GST. In such case, any upward revision in amount of fee in future, their Membership/COP will not be removed/cancelled from the Register of Members/COP on account of fee revision.

Is membership number and certificate number same?

COP No and Membership No are not same. COP No is required only for members who are in practice. 22 May 2014 There is no concept of COP No. Once u qualify you will apply for membership wherein you will be allotted a No enrolling your name in the Register of Members.

How can I get ICAI SRN?

The way to get it back could be either online or with a helpline number. ICAI has sent you a mail regarding your registration number, check your mail list. However, if you do not have it then contact ICAI, mail them regarding it, they will revert to it.

What is SRO number in ICAI?

In case you have registered yourself for CA foundation with ICAI then you have to wait for the registration letter from ICAI which will specify your SRO number. This usually takes around a month.

Can a paid assistant hold cop?

Yes. Indian CA firms allow the candidate to be a QUALIFIED PAID ASSISTANT in the CA firm, and to hold Certificate of Practice in his individual name. However, the service condition will indicate that he is a full time employee and cannot pursue any other business / profession during the employment.

What is difference between associate and fellow CA?

FCA stands for a Fellow Chartered Accountant, in simple words. This is a recognition of a Chartered Accountant rank. The applicant is called Associate Chartered Accountant whenever a candidate completes its CA. FCA is used to recognize those who have achieved a higher degree of professional experience.

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