What is Smith Falls known for?

What is Smith Falls known for?

Smiths Falls is home to a major weed producer OK, if you knew one thing about Smiths Falls before reading this article, it was probably that the Eastern Ontario town is the headquarters of Tweed, one of Canada’s best-known cannabis companies.

Is Smith Falls a good place to live?

Located in the heart of the Rideau Canal, the province’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, and situated halfway between Kingston and Ottawa, Smiths Falls’ proximity to three major city centres – Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal – is drawing those who seek a slower pace of life while still enjoying great connections. Smiths …

Is there falls in Smith Falls?

But the falls itself is mediocre at best. It’s only a little more than a whitewater stretch that runs behind an old stone mill. This was probably a little more fun to visit before the construction of the town and locks necessitated some major re-engineering.

Is Smith Falls growing?

Along with its wider international expansion, around Smiths Falls the producer has been growing like a weed. The company has created about 800 direct jobs in the community since it started gradually taking over a shuttered Hershey chocolate factory about five years ago.

How old is Smith Falls?

Smiths Falls was incorporated as a village in 1854, and then erected into a town in 1882. The town is named after Thomas Smyth, a United Empire Loyalist who in 1786 was granted 400 acres (1.6 km2) in what is present-day Smiths Falls.

Is Smith Falls good for investment?

Smiths Falls is experiencing a construction boom, with rapid growth across the residential and commercial sectors. Prospective investors can take advantage of a booming economy ripe for development, at reasonable prices.

Is Carleton Place a good place to live?

Living Here Carleton Place is conveniently located on the serene Mississippi River. Beautiful streetscapes, scenic trails and picturesque waterfront make this town one of a kind in the Ottawa Valley. The conveniences of the city, with the friendliness of a small town make Carleton Place a wonderful place to live.

What is the elevation of Smiths Falls Ontario?

It is in the Census division for Lanark County, but is separated from the county. The Rideau Canal waterway passes through the town, with four separate locks in three locations and a combined lift of over 15 metres (49.2 ft)….

Smiths Falls
Coordinates: 44°54′N 76°01′W
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Lanark

Where are Smith Falls?

State of Nebraska
Smith Falls is an iconic waterfall in the State of Nebraska. It is the tallest waterfall in the state at 63 feet tall and has been a popular stop for floaters and visitors of the Niobrara River Valley for many years.

Why is tweed closing down?

Two Tweed locations in Newfoundland are closing after Cannabis N.L. — the recreational marijuana regulator of the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation — optioned its expiring licences to competing company Atlantic Cultivation. The two affected locations are shops on Water Street in St.

How did Smith Falls get its name?

What is kemptville known for?

Kemptville is the largest community in North Grenville, with about 69% of North Grenville’s population. Three elementary schools are located in the town — Holy Cross Catholic School, Kemptville Public School and South Branch Elementary School — two high schools — North Grenville District High School and St.

Is kemptville considered Ottawa?

Kemptville, in the municipality of North Grenville, is one of the Ottawa areas blooming communities, fitting of the “Green and Growing” slogan!

Is Carleton Place growing?

In 2020-2021, Carleton Place experienced the highest growth of any census agglomeration in Canada, at 3.7 per cent, according to Statistics Canada. Carleton Place has held that distinction for four years in a row. Most of the town’s newcomers, the agency said, were moving to Carleton Place from elsewhere in Ontario.

What is the Niobrara River?

Niobrara River, river rising near Lusk, in Niobrara county, eastern Wyoming, U.S., and flowing east across the High Plains, the northern edge of the Sand Hills, and the eastern plains of Nebraska to join the Missouri River near the village of Niobrara, Neb., at the South Dakota state line.

Is kemptville a good place to live?

Many of the parks and trails are bordered with views of the beautiful Kemptville Creek. No matter if you are an active outdoorsy person, or if you prefer staying close to home, Kemptville is a beautiful place to live, explore, and discover, and grow.

Is kemptville a city or town?

Kemptville, Ont, urban area, population 3532 (2011c), 3539 (2006c). Kemptville is located on Kemptville Creek, a branch of the Rideau River, 64 km south of Ottawa. In 1998 the town of Kemptville (1963) merged with the townships of Oxford-on-Rideau and South Gower to form the new township of North Grenville.

Is kemptville a rural area?

Similarly, Kemptville’s recent development has seen an increasing amount of new residents join the rural community, adding new energy and exuberance to the neighbourhood.

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