What is subcategorization in syntax?

What is subcategorization in syntax?

Subcategorization is a concept by which differences in syntactic valency between words is expressed. Subcategorization of heads (in particular V) in terms of the phrasal categories (NP, PP, etc.) which they select as a complement. Sometimes strict subcategorization is equated with c-selection.

Do Subcategorization frames include adjuncts?

The subcategorization frames in the lexicon encode basically this. The things that are optional are the adjuncts. They are modifiers. They are not necessary but add information.

What is C-selection in linguistics?

The concept of c-selection overlaps to an extent with subcategorization. Predicates c-select the syntactic category of their complement arguments – e.g. noun (phrase), verb (phrase), adjective (phrase), etc. – i.e. they determine the syntactic category of their complements.

What is Subcategorization how is this used in syntax specifically with verbs and nouns?

In linguistics, subcategorization denotes the ability/necessity for lexical items (usually verbs) to require/allow the presence and types of the syntactic arguments with which they co-occur.

What is constituent syntax?

Constituent: “a syntactic unit that functions as part of a larger unit within a sentence” (Finegan and Besnier: 525) 1. Single words are constituents. ( exceptions: certain contractions, certain possessives) Complete sentences are constituents.

What are theta roles in linguistics?

Theta roles are the names of the participant roles associated with a predicate: the predicate may be a verb, an adjective, a preposition, or a noun. The participant is usually said to be an argument of the predicate.

What are the different types of adjectives with examples?

Types of Adjectives

S.Nn. Adjective Types/ Kinds Example
1 Descriptive Adjective Large, beautiful, careful, hateful etc.
2 Numeral Adjective Five, few, many, several, first etc.
3 Quantitative Adjective Some, much, little, any, half, whole
4 Demonstrative Adjective This, that, these, those, such

What are the 4 constituency tests?

Tests for constituents in English

  • Coordination.
  • Proform substitution (replacement)
  • Topicalization (fronting)
  • Do-so-substitution.
  • One-substitution.
  • Answer fragments (answer ellipsis, question test, standalone test)
  • Clefting.
  • VP-ellipsis (verb phrase ellipsis)

What is syntactic category example?

Major syntactic categories in English include sentence, noun, noun phrase, determiner, adjective, adverb, transitive and ditransitive verbs.

What is case filter in syntax?

In syntax, a case filter is a filter which requires an (overtly realized) NP argument to be case marked, or be associated with a case position.

Do adjuncts have theta roles?

Adjuncts are not included in theta-grids. They are syntactically optional, describing less central properties of a situation. Lexicon contains theta-grid of predicates. This kind of information in the lexicon determines syntactic structure to a large extent.

What is the difference between agent and experiencer?

Agent – The entity that intentionally carries out the action of the verb. Experiencer – The entity that undergoes an emotion, a state of being, or a perception expressed by the verb.

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