What is the cost of TV cabinet?

What is the cost of TV cabinet?

TV Units Price List

Product Name Price
Zephyr Large TV Unit (Teak Finish) ₹15,849
Bayern TV Unit (Columbian Walnut Finish) ₹6,089
Zephyr TV Unit (Mahogany Finish) ₹10,749
Baltoro High Gloss TV Unit (White Finish) ₹15,974

How long should a TV cabinet be?

Large TV Stands, Medium TV Stands and Small TV Stands

TV Stand Size Recommended Minimum TV Size (Diagonal) Recommended Maximum TV Size (Diagonal)
50″ 54″ 58″
55″ 59″ 63″
65″ 70″ 73″
>70″ 70″ >70″

Which material is best for TV unit?

For modern TV unit designs, usually metal is used. However, wooden TV furniture has become quite popular, as they come in innovative styles and varied colour options that look good and are available in a wide range of budgets. The price of TV cabinets and wall-mounted TV units varies between Rs.

Which wood is better for TV unit?

Sheesham wood in particular is known to be best for entertainment units as they are durable and sturdier to carry the weight of a TV.

How do I buy a TV unit?

The size of your TV unit should ideally complement the size of your room . Pick striking, imposing pieces for larger rooms and more minimalistic designs for smaller rooms. However, if your TV unit is meant to fit against a particular wall or niche, be sure to take accurate measurements before you make a purchase.

What size TV unit do I need for a 55 inch TV?

For example, if you have a 55″ TV and do not want any over hang on the TV console, you will want to get one that is at least 50″ wide. Measure your TV to get it’s true width to be sure though. A rule of thumb for us here is to have about 3 inches from the edge of your TV to the edge of the TV stand.

How do I choose a TV unit?

Is a TV unit necessary?

Today, a TV unit is an essential piece of furniture in any home. Available in various styles ranging from elegant and classic to minimal, TV units today serve a bigger purpose than just housing your TV. It can also be used to store/display other items like books, CDs, game consoles and decor articles.

What are TV cabinets made of?

Building Material for TV cabinet As a matter of fact, the most luxurious and sleek TV cabinets with little yet appealing details are usually made of wood materials. Compared to wood material, metals have some promising qualities that makes them stand out, especially when used for designing TV cabinets.

Which is stronger sheesham or teak?

Teak Wood has a denser texture and higher tensile strength than Sheesham which makes it heavier. Being heavy, teak is preferred over Sheesham when making teak wood king size bed.

What material is TV unit?

What is the primary material used to make TV units? A.TV units are made of termite-resistant solid wood, engineered wood, glass, or metal.

Which is the best wooden TV unit in Bangalore?

Wooden Street has thus commenced a range of best Wooden TV Units in Bangalore collection with designs and features that make each of the TV unit & led tv panel distinct from each other. All the TV units in Bangalore, TV Units in Delhi, TV Units in Mumbai collections are forged with Sheesham and mango wood.

Why buy LED TV stands and TV units in Bangalore?

Range of LED TV stands and TV units in Bangalore collection have designs, styles, and storage everything forged in equivalent proportions in each of the TV units Keeping concern about the size of the home and the size of the TV, buy the latest TV units in Bangalore for every aura.

What is a sheesham wood TV unit?

Wooden TV units are an entertainment unit which is vital to your living room where you spend quality time with your loving family. We are offering a complete collection of Sheesham wood TV unit online in India for our valuable customers.

Why choose our TV units online range?

Our TV units online range has all that it takes to become the first choice for TV cabinet buyers. The big size tv unit Furniture (टीवी यूनिट फर्नीचर) present in most homes is usually the centre of attention in our living rooms and entertainment areas.

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