What is the difference between display and navigational attribute?

What is the difference between display and navigational attribute?

Display attribute is one, which is used only for display purpose in the report. Where as navigational attribute is used for drilling down in the report. We don’t need to maintain Navigational attribute in the cube as a characteristic (that is the advantage) to drill down.

What is navigational attributes in SAP APO?

Navigational attributes are useful for slicing/dicing data, i.e. drilling up and down. For example, various Product Hierarchy levels can be defined as navigational attributes to Product (Material ID) as a characteristic.

What is the use of navigational attributes?

Navigational Attributes A Navigational Attribute is any attribute of a Characteristic which is treated in very similar way as we treat as Characteristic while Query Designer. Means one can perform drilldowns, filters etc on the same while Query designing.

How do you create navigation attributes in composite provider?

CompositeProvider is still unable to provide navigation attributes for mapping, but you can assign InfoProvider navigation attributes to the target objects. To do this, you need to display them by right clicking in InfoProvider.

How do I add navigation attributes in multi Provider?

Usually the steps are likely below :

  1. make sure nav att is ON by tick the checkbox in your two info cubes.
  2. make sure nav att is ON by tick the checkbox in your multiprovider.
  3. make sure indentify(assign) your nav att in your multiprovider.
  4. make sure u have activate the info cube and multiprovider to apply changes.

How many types of attributes are there in SAP BW?

Basically speaking, we can divide attributes into 2 types: Display Attributes – are completely dependent on the main characteristic, they can only be presented in reporting tools with the main characteristic.

What are different types of attributes in SAP BW?

Types of Attributes:

  • Ø Display Attributes.
  • Ø Exclusive Attributes.
  • Ø Navigational Attributes.
  • Ø Time dependent Attributes.
  • Ø Time dependent – navigational attributes.
  • Ø Compounding attributes.
  • Ø Transitive attributes.

How do you add a navigational attribute in composite provider?

How do you add navigational attributes in DSO?

Just drag and drop the characteristic which is having navigational attribute to your dso once again then you will get your new navigational attribute under your navigational attribute tab of DSO.

How do I add navigational attributes in aDSO?

How to Set Navigation Attributes for an aDSO, an HCPR or an Aggregation Level? Now user needs to switch on the navigation attributes in the HCPR(tab Output), in order to do that please right click on the characteristic and choose ‘Navigation Attributes’.

How do I add navigational attribute to Infoobject?

You go to maintain Master data in RSD1 for the info object and add the new navigational attribute. Once you have maintained the Attribute values you just need to reactivate the MPOS (without deactivating it) and you should be able to get the new set of navigational attributes and the values.

What are SAP attributes?

Definition. An attribute is a characteristic that is logically assigned and subordinated to another characteristic. Navigational attributes offer a way to plan multiple objects while achieving optimum system performance in Demand Planning.

What are the types of attributes in SAP?

What is transitive attribute in SAP BW?

A transitive attribute is a navigational attribute of a navigational attribute. These attributes are not usually visible in the query. The transitive attributes could not be provisioned easily in classic BW and led to duplication of data at the master data level.

For which Infoprovider types can you select navigation attributes?

for which infoprovider types can you select navigation attributes? there are 2 correct answers to this question. Datastore object(advanced)of type standard datastore object.

Which of the following are required to create an attribute view?

For Attribute View you must have at least one Key Attribute. Click on Semantics go to Column tab to set the key attribute.

How do I enable navigational attributes in aDSO?

Set Navigation Attributes for aaDSO, HCPR or Aggregation Level

  1. In order to use navigation attributes of an aDSO in a query user needs:
  2. Method 1)
  3. Now user needs to switch on the navigation attributes in the HCPR(tab Output), in order to do that please right click on the characteristic and choose ‘Navigation Attributes’.

What is the difference between attribute View and analytical View?

Attribute Views are the first type of information view that can be developed in SAP HANA. You can use attribute views to model an entity that is based on relationships between attribute data contained in multiple source tables. Analytic Views are the second type of information view in SAP HANA.

What is an attribute View in SAP?

The Attribute View in SAP HANA is a set of dimensions or master data which can be joined with the fact table in an Analytic View. An Attribute View can be created by taking data from one or more data tables. The attribute shows relationships between different attributes.

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