What is the location of Spfile in Oracle?

What is the location of Spfile in Oracle?

The SPFILE file name is spfile SID . ora and is located in the ORACLE_HOME \database directory.

What is the location of parameter file in Oracle?

The default location in UNIX for the server parameter file or text initialization parameter file is $ORACLE_HOME/dbs. On Windows, the default location is ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

What is the Spfile in Oracle?

A SPFILE, Server Parameter File, is a server managed binary file that Oracle uses to hold persistent initialization parameters. If a parameter is changed using the ALTER SYSTEM SET command Oracle will apply this parameter change to the current SPFILE.

Where is the init ora file located in Oracle 11g?

ora files reside in your $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$ORACLE_SID/pfile directory, with one init. ora file for each instance: Init. ora parameters for SQL Tuning.

What is Pfile and Spfile in Oracle database?

SPFILE is a binary file that contains the same information as the old PFILE. SPFILE permits dynamic changes without requiring you to restart that instance. By default, if you do not specify PFILE in your STARTUP command, Oracle will use server parameter file (SPFILE).

How do I move Spfile?

How to move spfile from ASM to filesystem

  1. Create pfile from the spfile. First, we will create pfile in filesystem from the existing spfile in ASM.
  2. Remove the spfile from ASM. We can now connect the the ASM instance and remove the spfile residing in ASM disk group.
  3. Recreate the spfile.
  4. Start the database using new spfile.

Where init ora file is located?

The init. ora file can be located where you want (with redirect) but OFA standards suggest that the init. ora files reside in your $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$ORACLE_SID/pfile directory, with one init.

How do I move Spfile in ASM?

How do I fix Spfile?

Fixed the SPFILE issue by creating PFILE. You can edit the PFILE for change valid value for the parameter or remove that parameter from the file, so that Oracle automatically pick default value. You can get old value from alert log file.

How to find the location of alert log file in Oracle?

How to Find the Location of alert log file in Oracle 11g. SQL> select name from v$database; alert.log file is written to the directory specified by the background_dump_dest parameter. To view alert log, first you need to find it’s location using show parameter command.

What happens if spfile is not at the default location?

Please note that, if SPFILE is not at the default location, you might get ORA-01565: error in identifying file ‘?=/dbs/[email protected]’ Or vice versa. File created. Oracle use the default files to operate with. Normally, we don’t directly use PFILE to startup a RAC database, because PFILE is just a pointer to the location of SPFILE for a RAC node.

What is the Oracle Oracle error log?

Oracle will automatically create a new alert log file whenever the old one is deleted. The alert log includes the following errors and log messages: All internal errors (ORA-600), block corruption errors (ORA-1578), and deadlock errors (ORA-60)

Can I use a Oracle Database spfile or pfile on Solaris?

I have an Oracle Database 11g ( on Solaris, my question is, in what case I can use a database SPFILE or PFILE? Almost in any case, you are recommended to use a Spfile only and from 11.1 onwards, the default would be a spfile only if you are going to create a database using DBCA.

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