What is the price of a Rainbow vacuum?

What is the price of a Rainbow vacuum?

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This item Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 (Black) Complete Cleaning System (Condition: Used) Genuine Rainbow E Series E2 Blue 2 Speed Vacuum Cleaner (Renewed)
Price $1,199.00 $1,299.99
Sold By Royal Line Pro, Inc Great-Vacs
Color Black Blue
Item Dimensions 14 x 12 x 46 inches 20 x 17 x 33 inches

What’s so special about a Rainbow vacuum cleaner?

The Rainbow® Cleaning System provides certified air cleaning to your home environment. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certifies that the Rainbow is a proven air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Do they still sell Rainbow vacuums?

The Rainbow® Cleaning System is sold to customers thru an independent network of Authorized Rainbow Distributors, exclusively through in-home demonstrations. Rexair, the manufacturer, does not sell directly to consumers. Our product is not sold over the Internet or in retail stores.

Does Rainbow work on hardwood floors?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are one of the most powerful long lasting vacuums made. This is the model SE and is perfect for people with hardwood floors, tile, throw rugs and more. Rainbow vacuums use water to filter with, are made in the USA, and are good for the planet. They also are really good if you have allergies.

Why do carpets smell after cleaning?

The main reason a carpet smells bad after cleaning is that the backing is still wet. If the carpet doesn’t dry properly, it becomes vulnerable to mould and mildew, which can cause the musty smell and even be a health hazard. Bad odours should disappear once the carpet dries fully.

What vacuum was sold door to door?

But Kirby dealers do.” The Kirby vacuum cleaner is “marketed exclusively door-to-door — often to people who cannot afford a $1,500 gadget, but succumb to the sales pitch nonetheless.” In 2001, the West Virginia Attorney General obtained more than $26,000 in refunds and credits for dissatisfied Kirby buyers.

Can I give back my Rainbow vacuum?

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

Where to buy a Rainbow vacuum?

1 x Ocean Breeze Deodorizer ($20 value)

  • 1 x Sirena Fragrance Pack ($25 value)
  • 1 x Sirena Turbo Brush ($50 value)
  • Free Shipping (within the contiguous USA) ($35 value)
  • 10-year Warranty ($99 value)
  • How much does a good vacuum cleaner cost?

    – Decide the Purpose of the Vacuum Cleaner. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, decide why do you need the device. … – Check the Filters Used. … – Consider the Maintenance. … – Check whether it Works with your Lifestyle. … – Go for Expensive Models. … – Not checking how to use it. … – Check the Noise.

    How to do basic Rainbow vacuum repair at home?

    With your Rainbow vacuum unplugged (never work on it plugged in), start by removing the Separator, which is the gray basket shaped fan. It is attached with a brass nut that is removed by turning it counter-clockwise with a screwdriver.

    How much does a Rainbow Loom kit cost?

    rainbow loom® dual layer refill bands, carnival mix $2.99 Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU Quickview. Free Store Pickup. rainbow loom® dual layer refill bands, purple lily $2.99 Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU Quickview. Free Store Pickup. rainbow loom® with metal hook $14.99

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