What is the toll on Autoroute 30 Quebec?

What is the toll on Autoroute 30 Quebec?

Our fee schedule will be updated on February 1st, 2020. Starting this date, the toll fee for the passage of a Category 1 vehicle (car) will be $1.60 per axle or $3.20 for a passenger car. The fare for a Category 2 vehicle will become $2.40 per axle.

What is the toll road around Montreal?

General information. The new A30 Express toll road alleviates congestion in local routes through the city of Montreal, which improves the overall efficiency of the transportation system and reduces commuter travel time, thus avoiding excess CO2 emissions.

How much is the toll in Nova Scotia?

Toll Rates

Vehicle Type MACPASS Cash
Automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles $1.00 $1.25
when towing a single axle trailer $1.34 $1.50
when towing a double axle trailer $1.66 $2.25
when towing a triaxle trailer $2.00 $2.50

How much do tolls cost in Quebec?

The toll for a tourist is about $8.50/crossing. E-ZPass is not accepted. – Marcil Bridge for the new Route 30 freeway, the southern by-pass avoiding Montreal Island. It’s $2.40 per crossing.

How much are Quebec tolls?

Motorway tolls: generally speaking there are no tolls on highways in Quebec. One exception is the A-30 expressway round the south side of Montreal, where there is a fixed toll (2 CAD for a car in 2015).

How do I pay tolls in Nova Scotia?

Toll rates for Nova Scotia toll highway and bridges Most passenger vehicles and light trucks pay $1.00 if using a MACPASS and $1.25 if paying with cash. The cash lanes accept quarters, $1 coins and $2 coins. The coin baskets will not accept dimes, nickels or pennies.

How much does it cost to cross the Halifax bridge?

On October 4, 2021, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) approved an application by Haifax Harbour Bridges for its first toll hike in a decade. As a result of the decision, the fee for passenger vehicles crossing the bridges will increase to $1.25, up from $1.

How much is the Montreal bypass toll?

Looks like there is a $1.50 toll for cars.

How do tolls work in Quebec?

There are different payment options for paying tolls on the A25 bridge and A30 Express bridge of Quebec. Both have their customer accounts enabling fast online toll payment on the go. Some lane on A30 Express bridge accepts cash payment. Also, video toll payment for post-pay is available at higher rates.

Does EZ Pass work in Quebec?

Does EZ Pass work in Canada. Yes, but only some of the Canadian cross-border toll bridges take EZ-Pass.

Can you pay Canadian tolls with US dollars?

Most bridge tolls can be paid in either U.S. or Canadian dollars. You can also use credit cards, but keep in mind that you may pay a foreign transaction fee.

Is EZ Pass in Canada?

How much is the Nova Scotia toll?

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