What part of London does Amanda Holden live?

What part of London does Amanda Holden live?

Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes actually have two homes together – one in Surrey and another in the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds crib is a beautiful rustic spot but they use it as their holiday home – instead, the Surrey set-up is Holden HQ, where the couple live day-to-day with their daughters Lexi and Hollie.

Where is Amanda Holden now?

Glamorous actress Amanda Holden is currently a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Previously she has starred in hit shows including Wild at Heart and presented on This Morning and The Door.

How much is Amanda Holdens house?

The Britian’s Got Talent judge, 51, and her husband Chris Hughes, bought the five-bedroom property seven years ago for £3.5million, meaning that if they achieve their asking price, they are set to make a tidy £1.5million profit on their home.

Is The Golden Girls filmed at Amanda’s real house?

“And it was also having a film crew filming a film crew filming us.” She said the programme is not filmed in Amanda’s own home and while one of her daughters does appear in it, other characters are played by actors.

Is the golden girls Mandy and mertle real?

Myrtle isn’t the only ‘fake’ part of the show, as Amanda’s entire family are played by actors. An ongoing joke throughout the series is that Amanda’s husband Chris Hughes, who she married in 2008 and shares two daughters with, doesn’t want to take part in the show.

Is the golden girls Mandy and Myrtle real?

No, Myrtle in The Holden Girls isn’t Amanda Holden’s real nan. In fact, in this E4 comedy, she’s played by Leigh Francis. In the run up to the series, Myrtle’s identity was kept under wraps, and it was only in the first episode the actor was unveiled.

Where is Amanda Holden’s Cotswold House?

Amanda Holden is among a number of stars who owns a second home in the Cotswolds, which she has painstakingly renovated since buying it in 2012. The Britain’s Got Talent judge bought the cottage in the Chipping Norton area for £860,000, and it comes complete with half an acre of private land.

Does Amanda Holden live in the Cotswolds?

But you may not know Amanda has a home in the Cotswolds, which she is said to have bought in 2012. When the 51-year-old media personality isn’t in the UK capital for her work, she spends her time with her husband, Chris Hughes, and two daughters, Lexi and Hollie, at her countryside getaway in the Cotswolds.

Is Myrtle Amanda’s real man?

Viewers have been trying to guess who is under the latex mask of Myrtle – with some believing it was Geordie presenter Dec Donnelly and others guessing chatty man Alan Carr. However, it is in fact Leigh Francis who is pretending to be Amanda’s outspoken grandmother.

Is Keith Lemon Amanda Holden’s Nan?

Fans have been left baffled by Amanda Holden’s new show The Holden Girls: Mandy and Myrtle.

Where in Chipping Norton does Amanda Holden live?

The heavily pregnant star has bought a 17th Century cottage near the Cotswolds market town of Chipping Norton for £860,000 with record producer husband Chris Hughes, 36.

Does Amanda Holden live in Petersham?

Actress and TV star Amanda Holden, 46, lives in Petersham, Surrey, with record producer husband Chris Hughes, 42, and daughters Lexi, 10, and four-year-old Holly. Here she talks to House Beautiful about making her house a home, her dream walk-in wardrobe, and why her dining table is a keeper.

Who lives in Little Tew?

National treasure Sir Patrick Stewart has a home at Little Tew, which he acquired for £2.2 million in 2005. He’s become a rather active member of the local Cotswold community, objecting to plans to build a luxury car museum last year and previously filing noise complaints about the nearby shooting range.

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