What should you wear to a Ren Faire?

What should you wear to a Ren Faire?

For women, you’ll want a headdress, wreath or bonnet. If you don’t have one, you can always buy one at the fair. For men, headwear includes muffin caps, flat caps, felt hats, and straw hats. DON’T worry about wearing tights.

What accessories were worn in medieval times?

Centuries ago, accessories and medieval decorations had a very important role in finishing costumes. However, medieval fashion in matters of additions to the clothing for men was limited to few items: bags, money-mags, gloves (for knights), sacks, a range of adornments like chains, necklaces, rings, buckles, brackets.

How should I dress for a Renaissance fair?

Wear a skirt or dress that reaches the floor or your ankles for a typical Renaissance look. Wear a gown or dress over your chemise and corset, or a separate skirt to complement your corset or bodice. Avoid any ruffles, adornments, or patterns on skirts.

Do you have to dress up for a Renaissance fair?

It’s totally not necessary to dress up at all. Also know that you can if you want to, and that you don’t have to go all out or be period-accurate. The most important thing is to be comfortable and dressed for the weather (which, since our faire runs in July, can be HOT).

How do you tie a Renaissance bodice?

How to Lace a Renaissance Fair Bodice

  1. Thread one end of the shoelace through the bottom two holes of the bodice.
  2. Work the lacing up through the rest of the holes until there are only two rows (one cross-over) left.
  3. Lace up the last two holes, passing and overlapping the lacing through twice.

What do you wear under a kirtle?

The kirtle was typically worn over a chemise or smock, which acted as a slip, and under the formal outer garment or gown/surcoat.

Why do female pants have no pockets?

Women’s fashion became more complex and less functional (think-corsets and bustles) and garments were designed to fit more tightly. This meant that women couldn’t hide their pouches as easily beneath their clothing, so they’d carry their belongings around in a garment called a reticule (an early version of the purse).

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What do you wear to a renfaire?

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