What year is series 19 Silent Witness?

What year is series 19 Silent Witness?

Series overview

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired
17 10 2 January 2014
18 10 6 January 2015
19 10 4 January 2016

How many episodes of Silent Witness are there in 2021?

10 episodes
Silent Witness returned to BBC One on September 6, 2021. Season 24 will continue at 9pm every Monday and Tuesday night. There are 10 episodes in total for the new series.

Is Silent Witness coming back in 2021?

Ordinarily, Silent Witness tends to begin its run in late January, but this wasn’t the case in 2021 due to filming delays brought about by coronavirus restrictions, and once again it won’t be returning to that slot in 2022.

Is there going to be a season 24 of Silent Witness?

Silent Witness Season 24 began on Monday September 6 at 9pm, with the second episode following on Tuesday September 7 at 9pm. The whole series has now aired and is available on BBC iPlayer.

Why did Tom Ward leave Silent Witness so suddenly?

This talented group of actors defined the programme over the past decade and were well loved by the shows large and loyal audience. When Tom Ward decided it was time for him to leave Silent Witness, he left with the gratitude of everyone involved in the show for the contribution he had made to its success.

When did Harry leave Silent Witness?

Actor Ward was confirmed to be leaving Silent Witness in 2012 after a decade on the show after feeling it was the right moment. At the time, BBC executive Kate Harwood said: Silent Witness owes a great debt to the talented Tom Ward who has given us our beloved Harry with wit, style and passion for 10 seasons.

Is Emilia Fox leaving Silent Witness?

She stars as Dr. Nikki Alexander on BBC crime drama Silent Witness, having joined the cast in 2004 following the departure of Amanda Burton. Fox is the longest serving cast member since the departures of Tom Ward in 2012 and William Gaminara in 2013….

Emilia Fox
Occupation Actress and presenter
Years active 1995–present

Is Amanda Burton returning to Silent Witness?

Amanda Burton (Anne Boleyn, Marcella) makes a dramatic return to Silent Witness as she reprises her role of Sam Ryan in BBC Studios production for BBC One.

Do Nikki Alexander and Harry Cunningham get together?

Harry in yellow scrubs in Death’s Door. Harry was single and lived alone, but has had several romantic relationships. He frequently flirted with his colleague Nikki Alexander, but they never appeared to take their relationship any further than friendship.

Who replaces Leo Dalton in Silent Witness?

Thomas Chamberlain
Thomas Chamberlain took over as head of the Lyell Centre from Leo who died at the end of series 16. He was an experienced forensic pathologist with a renowned reputation in toxicology and is described as charming, charismatic and socially shrewd.

Why did the character Leo leave Silent Witness?

Leo moved down from Sheffield to take up a post alongside Sam Ryan in Series 6, first appearing in The Fall Out. On her departure he was promoted to head of department.

Who replaces Harry in Silent Witness?

Jack Hodgson
Harry left the team to accept a professorship in New York, USA, at the end of Series 15. Harry is mentioned briefly early in Series 16 as his replacement, Jack Hodgson, empties an object-filled drawer from Harry’s desk and pours them into a plastic box.

Who are the actors in the TV show Silent Witness?

Ruth Kenley-Letts (s. 13) Madonna Baptiste (s. 19) Ceri Meyrick (s. 20) Silent Witness is a British crime drama television series produced by the BBC, which focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes.

Who performs the vocal section of Silent Witness (1996)?

The vocal section is performed by Sarah Leonard. Does this show exist on any play service or do you have to download it/catch it when it’s on TV? What is the Hindi language plot outline for Silent Witness (1996)? Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

Who is the creator of Silent Witness?

20) Silent Witness is a British crime drama television series produced by the BBC, which focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes. First broadcast in 1996, the series was created by Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective based in Nottingham.

Where can I watch silent witness?

The programme is broadcast in more than 235 territories, including ABC in Australia, Showcase and the Knowledge Network in Canada, KRO in the Netherlands, TV One and Prime in New Zealand, and BBC America in the United States. Silent Witness continues to achieve good audience ratings in the UK.

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