When can you see whale sharks in Belize?

When can you see whale sharks in Belize?

Whale shark season is a popular attraction for divers in Belize. These gentle giants can be found in Gladden Split, just off the coast of Placencia in the springtime, with the best chances of being able to dive with them in April and May.

Where can you swim with whale sharks in Belize?

Gladden Spit
Gladden Spit is located near Placencia in Southern Belize is an one hour and thirty minute boat ride away. You will dive at a depth no deeper than 60 feet. This dive is conducted in the open ocean with no visible bottom. Divers get the opportunity to swim along the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.

Are there alot of sharks in Belize?

There may be more than 360 species of sharks in the oceans of the world and Belize’s pristine waters, magnificent barrier reef, atolls and mangrove estuaries are home to a few of these.

Are there whale sharks in Belize in December?

The whale shark season in Belize normally begins 2 days before the Full Moon up until 10 days after in the months of March, April, May, and June. However, the best sightings normally occurs a few days after the full moon. Traditionally April and May have been the better months for Whale Shark shark sightings.

What sharks do you swim with in Belize?

Nurse sharks are the popular species of shark to swim with in this reserve. The sandy floors make for the perfect hang out spot for these docile creatures who enjoy lying on the reef floor and finding food hidden in the corals.

Can you be swallowed by a whale shark?

And suddenly you might worry that that could actually happen to you. Could a whale shark swallow you by accident? The quick answer is no.

Does Belize have tiger sharks?

Tiger sharks can be found in Belize, but these are far rarer. Perhaps the most famous shark to visit the waters of Belize are whale sharks. Every spring, vast schools of migrating whale sharks visit the outer part of the reef, consuming enormous quantities of fish spawn and plankton.

Are there great white sharks near Belize?

Reef Sharks The Caribbean reef shark is a beautiful species of shark that looks very similar to its cousin, the great white shark. Although there are several different species of reef sharks, you’re most likely to see the Caribbean reef shark in the waters surrounding Belize.

Can you snorkel with whale sharks in Belize?

Gladden Spit is the only place in the world where timing for whale shark visits is reasonably predictable and Placencia is the best departure point in the whole of Belize to enjoy these trips.

Have there been any shark attacks on Ningaloo Reef?

An unusual attack by a small reef shark has resulted in a woman requiring surgery on her right arm. Turquoise Bay near Exmouth was closed after the woman was bitten. The 60-year-old was snorkelling with her partner at the popular beach in the Ningaloo area when the incident happened.

Are there bull sharks in Belize?

Bull sharks can be found in the waters surrounding Belize swimming and eating indiscriminately. Fortunately, bull sharks are not known to come near divers, but they love to eat pretty much everything else from fish, to turtles and birds, even other species of sharks!

Why visit the Ningaloo whale shark swim experience?

Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim Experience wonder up very close and personal swimming next to a truly massive, truly stunning humpback whale. Join the Gold Medal-winning whale shark exmouth cruise voted the Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia for a wonder-filled day cruising and diving the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef.

How many sharks did we see on the Ningaloo Reef?

Eight whale sharks, three humpbacks, huge jellies, and Mantas all danced in our presence. It really was one of the best things we have ever done. Ningaloo was so much better then the GBR.

Why choose a whale shark Exmouth cruise?

Join the Gold Medal-winning whale shark exmouth cruise voted the Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia for a wonder-filled day cruising and diving the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. Our aim is simple – to delight, educate, entertain and keep each and every one of our guests (very) safe and wanting to come back for more.

Do I have to pay to swim with whale sharks?

  Even if most of the whale sharks have left before your visit, your tour is automatically upgraded to a humpback whale swimming tour free of charge.   AND you get to swim with any of the remaining whale sharks our spotter plane finds during your tour too.

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