Where are the children in South Park Stick of Truth?

Where are the children in South Park Stick of Truth?

Flora is hiding behind a lamppost between the Tower of Peace and City Wok. Jenny can be found in a hidden grove near Stark’s Pond, the path to which is behind a pile of logs near the entrance to the church. Quaid is down in the sewers behind the pile of debris that’s nearest to the News Office sewer entrance.

Where is ManBearPig Stick of Truth?

Place the three ManBearPig sensors in the requested locations and find ManBearPig underground. the locations are the farm, Kenny’s house, and the fire meter.

How many friends can you make in South Park Stick of Truth?

You can get 121 friends but you’ll only be able to list 120. This is because Clyde, a character that you can befriend at the start of the game will unfriend you as the story progresses.

How do you get the Chinpokomon in front of tweek Bros?

Terribovine – Located under the bench in front of Tweek Bros. Coffee. You must have the Ghome Dust to obtain this Chinpokomon.

What does investing money do in South Park?

No it actually does do something. Later in the game when you can shrink you can go back there and attack him and fight him and he drops cash you invested plus more.

Can you fight ManBearPig Stick of Truth?

The only way you surely win is by exploiting it with multiple status ailments. Block his powerful attacks. Later it he will use Cry of the ManBearPig which will allow him to regenerate much more HP than your status ailments can deal. You can’t deal that much damage to him because of his insane armor rating.

How many days are in Stick of Truth?

three Days
There are only three Days in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Where is Stoley parents bedroom key?

You’ll need the Stoley Parents Bedroom Key to get to it; the Key is in a bag outside Jimmy’s House, tucked away in a hole that requires Gnome Powder.

How many quests are in South Park Stick of Truth?

20 different Side Quests
There are 20 different Side Quests throughout South Park: The Stick of Truth. Many of them are fairly simple, and reward you with a new Friend. Others reward you with Weapons or Patches. Below you will find all of the side-quests, the location where you start each of them, and what you get when it unlocks.

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